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Social Media Engagement: 9 Effective Strategies for Your Brand

Social Media Engagement: 9 Effective Strategies for Your Brand

Vallery Henings

March 12, 2020 (modified on July 20, 2021)


Since a lot of people already incorporate social media into their everyday lives, it would not be very reasonable to ignore its influence on your business.

A lot of people underestimate the skill required to make your social media presence truly stand out. If you do this, you’re not only going to have a hard time establishing a social media presence, but you are also going to lose out on a lot of business opportunities online.

With that said, you should create effective strategies for your brand to make it work. Here are nine social media engagement strategies that you can apply for your brand:

1. Be present in every platform

First things first, you have to make sure that you have a social media account on every popular social media platform possible.

Be present everywhere

The reason for this is because each social media platform provides a different sort of atmosphere and purpose for businesses. It would be a basic social media marketing mistake to assume that every social media platform is the same.

For example, Instagram is an excellent platform for showcasing visuals and physical products, if that is the type of business that you have. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a great platform to create professional connections.

Each platform has its strengths that you can use. So you should establish consistent branding on every social media platform you’re on.

2. Know your audience

It would be foolish and a massive waste of effort to start posting content on your social media platforms if you have no idea what type of audience you want to have.

The reason why you need to know your audience first is that it ensures that you have a higher chance of pushing the audience you manage to attract to convert.

If you’re creating content on social media for the general public, you’re going to get a lot of traffic, but a majority of them are not going to bring in business results. Thus, having a targeted social media campaign is going to ensure that you reach the right audiences who will likely appreciate your business’s product or service more than the general public would.

3. Post engaging content

Once you have your audience, you can then start posting actual content.

Of course, you shouldn’t only post whatever content is trending on the interwebs. With your target audience and your business branding in mind, you should create content based on these two factors. That way, your content is engaging to the people who chose to follow you.

Post engaging content

People who don’t know social media marketing well tend to focus too much on virality. They want their posts or their content to go viral. However, this is just like the same issue with why you need to know your audience.

You’re going to have a ton of attention with minimal results out of it. Your best bet is to create a variety of content that is relevant to your audience.

Do make sure that you don’t always advertise your product or service in every post. You should ensure that your content is useful to your audience and not just for yourself.

4. Use visuals and videos

On social media, visuals and videos are what get the most attention and retain the attention of any audience the most.

Thus, you might want to invest in high-quality visuals for your social media marketing campaign.

Of course, as usual, they have to be relevant content to your audience, and it should match the tone of your brand image. If this is something that you cannot pull off on your own, you can always tap any of the service providers from this Instagram advertising agencies list.

Remember to check out the specifications for videos and photos on different platforms since not every platform will have the same rules.

5. Post a giveaway

Nothing will attract people’s attention more than free anything.

Post a giveaway

Therefore, if you’re looking to garner a ton of attention for potential clients, then you should consider posting a giveaway. It can be your product or something else that your target audience would be interested in having.

Make sure that you post it on all your social media platforms, but make sure that you adhere to the rules of giveaways that each platform has. Otherwise, your giveaway might get canceled right in the middle of everything, and you’re going to end up with disgruntled people who joined your contest.

Giveaways are a great way to get likes on your page or to garner followers, depending on the rules of your giveaway. However, you have to prepare for the fact that a lot of people will eventually unfollow. In particular, once the giveaway is over.

6. Be unique and fun at the same time

No matter what type of industry your business is in, you need to learn to create a unique and entertaining voice for your business.

Even with a very formal business, you can have fun with your social media posts. However, make sure that you don’t ride trends for the sake of appearing “fun.”

Be the fun

Hopping on trends might make your brand feel out of touch instead.

7. Know the best time to post

Each social media platform has a different time where you can expect higher traffic on your posts. You can look up online, which times are best for you to post. However, it might not be industry-specific.

Thus, you should consider experimenting with your posting time and see when you should post on specific social media platforms. You can check your analytics and cross-check it with your posting time. Also, maybe consider using a Twitter bot to do the posting for you. You can find a Twitter bot which is safe to use.

8. Host a poll

Engaging with your audience and adapting to audience feedback is an excellent way of letting your followers on social media know that you listen to them.

One way to do that is by posting a poll every once in a while.

The survey is best for when you might want to learn about your audience.

It can be a way for you to figure out the benchmark for your audience’s voice or a simple suggestion box if you want.

9. Partner with influencers

The rise of social media has empowered ordinary people to influence the purchase decisions of the people who follow them. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to partner with influencers who have the same audiences that you are targeting.

Partner with Influencers

Your branding strategies don’t have to be complicated when you’re only starting, as showcased by these branding strategies listed above. If you don’t know heads or tails on social media management, then follow these strategies for your brand, and you’re sure to get results.