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Simple, Sexy Logos are Achievable If You Follow These Four Rules

Simple, Sexy Logos are Achievable If You Follow These Four Rules

Vallery Henings

December 11, 2019 (modified on March 13, 2023)


Simple logos can be hard to come by. Finding an indelible mark that does not copy anyone else, supports itself, and can still represent the image of the company your designing for takes a lot of work, luck, and skill to pull off.

Some enjoy the designing process, while the others are keener on letting the professional logo design services do the job. It’s all a matter of skill, experience, and the preferred approach, so if you’d like to start the adventure by yourself, let’s dive into it. To start off the process, don’t bother with a pencil, sketch pad, or computer at all. Instead, all you need is a notebook and a pen. This is where you start brainstorming on what the company is and what it stands for. Let the adjectives flow freely here and encourage representation from the company itself here. Whether you’re designing the logo yourself or optioning it out on a logo sourcing site like DesignCrowd, you need to know the basics of what the company does and how it wants to portray itself to have a chance to capture its essence accurately.

Your research shouldn’t stop there, either. You’ll need to research what industry the company is in, what it’s target audience is like, how that audience is best communicated with, and what the competition in the industry looks like to have an accurate shot at producing something that is simple, sexy, and makes sense. To make this research process easier and more effective, consider seeking out professional logo design services, who can provide valuable insights and guidance based on their experience working with a wide range of businesses and industries.

Use Black and White as a Base

Sketch Paper

Don’t worry about colors until you’re near the end of the process. Colors are a job for a computer program where you can just point and click like you’re trying on clothes at a virtual department store. Black and white strips away the flash and pizazz that a colored logo can bring to the table and lets you see only what’s really there. You can really dig down on the look of the design. How does it sit? How does the text (if any) line up with the graphics? Plus, your logo needs to work in black and white, as there are going to be plenty of times where that is the only format. Making sure it works without any colors is a big responsibility.

Make Sure It Is Appropriate

Funny logos and clever puns walk a fine line between genius and jaundiced.

That’s how your client will feel if your logo pokes too much fun and anger or offends a segment of the population you’re trying to sell to. This is an area of logo design where you must get as much input as possible to make sure there are no hidden offensive messages or confusing imagery.

Make it Easy to Recall

One of the toughest rows to hoe is finding a symbol that is original yet can be easily recognized and recalled by people seeing it for the first time. The great thing about Nike’s swoosh is that it is a shape we are all familiar with ( a checkmark) but drawn a completely different way, with its elegant curves as opposed to straight lines.

Nike Logo

Put the Essence of the Company in the Logo

A great logo should tell the story of the company it represents, even if it is confined to a tiny space. If two individuals joined forces to create an organization, you could consider a two-letter logo to show them uniting. If the company was founded with the idea of doing its part to protect the environment, injecting some green or something representing nature or the planet as a whole makes great sense. If the company is a family business that has been around for 100 years, using some throwback imagery or honoring the family with a symbol or an image is a great way to convey to the customers who are serving them in this instance.


Logos were not meant to be designed in a day, and those that are should be questioned at every turn. The design process is long and intense and deserves your respect, whether you are the designer or the person requesting a design. Imagine putting everything about yourself and your passions into a tiny gift box. You have limited space, so you want to make it as special and fitting as possible. That’s the essence of creating a business logo the right way.