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How to Rock Your Next Social Media Campaign With a Social Media Aggregator

How to Rock Your Next Social Media Campaign With a Social Media Aggregator

Vallery Henings

March 18, 2021 (modified on June 16, 2021)


Suppose your brand conducted a hashtag campaign, and it gave you some really amazing results. Cut two; you are preparing for an upcoming event, wish to showcase the success and results of your hashtag campaign to promote the brand.

For collecting content from different platforms, there are special tools that do the needful effectively.

Read on to get an insight on everything about Social Media Aggregator and its plugins. Here we will discuss features, benefits, and how you can use these aggregators.

What Is a Social Media Aggregator?

In simple terms, social media aggregators are tools that help in collecting user-generated content from a multitude of social media platforms and present it in a unified manner.

Person holding phone with social media folder open

With a social media feed aggregator, you can bring together specific elements like hashtags, mentions, tags, etc., and very neatly present them. Amazing, right?

This instills a sense of authenticity and trust amongst users about your brand.

This social media display can be presented on an event wall, during a marriage ceremony, or on a website to drive more engagement.

Why Use Social Media Aggregators?

According to surveys conducted, more than 50% of marketers admit that they don’t have the time to hunt down relevant content from social media.

Do you wish to become a relevant and trusted source of information for your audience? How can you do so when you do not have the time to gather the content created by your audience?

Social media content aggregators generate a discussion amongst your audience by sharing interesting snippets. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend hours collecting pieces of content.

Amazing Features of Social Media Aggregators

Manage the Content Efficiently

The best thing about implementing a social media post aggregator or social media plugin is that you can create a nice story around your brand and ultimately engage with more people.

Apart from pulling in content from your followers, fans, clients, customers, etc., you might as well customize your content as per your needs to add an exciting dimension to your feed.

User generated Instagram content

Moderate the Content as Per Your Needs

Even though the internet is a great place to communicate with your existing as well as potential customers, a few internet users can be nasty at times and troll a brand or a business unnecessarily.

Think for a second that the aggregator goes live without any moderation, and all the nasty comments get displayed. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

To save yourself from the insult, you can review the wall before it goes live and filter out all the unneeded content.

Easy on the Pocket

Euro banknotes pile

Simply plug in and play the social feed aggregator to retrieve user-generated content without having to pay extra by syncing the website to different social media platforms.


Reliability is crucial when it comes to trying and using a new tool. With an efficient social feed aggregator, you can easily capture the content produced by your audience. Your social feed aggregator can be the most reliable source of authentic and trustworthy user-generated content.

Multiple Ways to Use a Social Media Aggregator

Social Media Feed on Website

You can display your social media aggregator on your website if you are running a campaign and want visitors to see the performance. You can dedicate an entire page and showcase the live results of the campaign to give your audience insight into your brand. If you need more people to follow you so that your Instagram profile looks better, you can use an Instagram bot to get more followers quickly.

Live results of Instagram campaign

Display the Feed on Digital Screens

You can place your digital screen showcasing your social media feed in some relevant place like the lobby of your office, auditorium, or during live events to connect with your audience and to display live comments.

Display the Content on Projectors

Projector on wall

If at all, you are running a charity event, live concert, formal gathering, or some conference, displaying your live social media content on projectors is an amazing idea to give your audience insight regarding what is happening in real-time. You might as well draw content from your audience to increase engagement and to make the event more interactive and interesting.

Let’s Wrap It Up

By now, you may have understood the relevance of a social media aggregator and its importance.

Social media aggregators have many social widgets such as a Twitter widget, Facebook widget, Instagram widget, and many more. They play a major role in collecting real-time user-generated content in one place. In today’s times, when selling a product or service requires immense effort, convincing, and promises, user-generated content makes a remarkable difference in not only increasing the number of customers but also in boosting up conversions and sales.

Not just this, social media aggregators are the perfect tools and plugins to drive more traffic to your website and increase brand awareness and engagement effectively.

They come in extremely handy for marketers who wish to upgrade their business but do not have the extra time to collect content from different platforms effectively.

And the extra added features are totally a steal!