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8 Simple Ways to Optimize WooCommerce Conversion Rates

8 Simple Ways to Optimize WooCommerce Conversion Rates

Emir Smajovic

July 2, 2021 (modified on February 9, 2022)


If you have a WooCommerce shop, but satisfaction with the sale is not at its highest level, you should continue reading this article. What your blog needs are conversions – ways to turn ordinary visitors into customers. Below, we will explain what conversion rates are, what reasonable conversion rates are, and how to increase them.

But before jumping into discussion conversion rates on your WooCommerce store, it’s important to note that the basis of every good WooCommerce store is plugins. Many are great, but we do have our favorites:

WooCommerce Order Export – A simple-to-use plugin for exporting order data from WooCommerce stores. The plugin creates reports in CSV format and sends them directly to your inbox or through FTP. Multiple automatic exports can be created and delivered to your accountant, packing staff, etc. To make sure it only delivers the freshest data, this plugin remembers which orders you already exported.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – A feature-packed plugin used for determining shipping costs based on weight, destination, quantity, and cart total. With it, you can come up with a shipping rate plan that fits your business and implement as many shipping methods as you’d like. There is a feature for creating shipping rules for logged-in users only to help you get more site registrations.

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce – A plugin that makes it easy to redirect customers to the checkout using buy buttons. The buy buttons, which can be placed anywhere, help customers skip the cart for all your products or just individual ones.

When we say conversion rates, we mean converting ordinary visitors or so-called passengers into customers. According to research, less than 5% of visitors decide to buy. There can be many reasons, and some of the most common reasons are that the ad is poorly written and visitors do not understand it, or the prices way too high and unreasonable.

What Is a Good Conversion Rate for WooCommerce?

Pen pointing at graph

According to a survey conducted by Littledata, a good conversion rate is above 2.6%. According to their research, if you have a higher conversion rate than the one mentioned above, you are in the top 20% of WooCommerce stores. If your conversion rate is higher than 4.2%, you belong to the top 10% of WooCommerce stores.

Globally, the average conversion rate is just over 2.70%. The conversion varies greatly depending on the location, the device used, and the conversion action. The best and easiest way to check the conversion rate on your site is to use Google Analytics.

WooCommerce already has tools and algorithms that can help increase your conversion rate. However, there are some actions you can take as a site owner to increase conversion rates.

Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates

1. Optimization of the Pages Where the Product Is Displayed (Product Page)

The pages should be clear and contain a history of visits—this way, the visitor can more easily find the item. In addition, navigation must be simple and accessible. If your site is difficult to access or not transparent, the visitor will quickly get frustrated and leave. Finally, take care of SEO product descriptions. Each item should be described for your customers in detail, and SEO terms should be entered correctly.

Website on the screen

Images of the product must be of high quality. If you don’t know what you want to do, visit some successful WooCommerce stores to get an idea for improving your site. In addition, there are many WordPress plugins to help you optimize your product images to look great on your site.

2. Product Prices

If you have not set the prices of the products correctly without researching the market, you may be left without potential buyers. So firstly, take your time and explore the market.

You’ll be one step ahead of others if you can set lower prices or just let the expenses be lower than the competition.

The market is large, and the best prices will attract more customers. Make sure you list the benefits of the products you are selling by comparing them to the competition. Also, feel free to highlight the virtues of your products and write why they should buy them.

3. Personalized Ad Display

Use a personalized display of the ads and items you sell. For example, it would be best if you segmented your site’s visitors by where they come from, by age, gender, past interests, and similar things that can help you create a customer database.

Be sure to show customers related products or even products similar to the ones they are currently viewing. Furthermore, show them the pages they have shown interest in if they have previously visited your site. That way, you will be able to turn more people into customers, and the retention time on the site will be much longer.

Product sale

Create email campaigns and notify about discounts or sales. For example, write to your customers that there are still a few items left in stock and that they should buy them. There are many good WordPress plugins that you can use to send a personalized email with a discount code to visitors who cancel their purchases to turn them into customers.

It only takes simple tricks to turn your site into a successful one.

4. Optimization of Pages for Mobile Devices

You have to optimize your website for mobile devices. Today everyone uses mobile phones, and more than half of global sales are made through mobile devices. However, you can do a few things to ensure that your pages perform well on mobile devices.

Shopping on mobile phone

The first we will mention is page acceleration by code optimization and image compression. In addition, there are numerous WordPress plugins to help you reduce the loading time of important content on your pages.

Another thing is to make video presentations to describe the product. It’s easier to watch a video explaining a product on cell phones than to read text. Finally, pay attention to SEO for mobile devices. Google takes into account SEO for mobile devices, and it is essential for your place in search engines.

5. Reduce the Dropout Rate

Numerous WooCommerce plugins will detect when a visitor wants to leave the cart and take action. Some of these actions may be displaying related items, a pop-up window with a discount code, displaying similar products, and so on.

There are multiple things that you can do if a customer wants to leave a purchase.

You can offer multiple payment options and allow customers to pay for the service or product using various payment gateways. We recommend you use a pop-up window that will give a discount code. Another good option is to allow guests to pay – the user does not have to be logged in, enabling him to make a purchase, enter the contact details for delivery, and lastly, pay the order.

6. Include Product Reviews

Product reviews are something you should have on your site for sure. Most customers, if not all customers, read the reviews before deciding to buy. Customers want to be sure that they will buy the right product and not spend money in vain.

Group of people giving thumbs up

Your product pages must have accurate reviews to give customers adequate information about the product and its usability. By no means should you use fake reviews that will only show positive things about the product. All product reviews on your site should be a combination of user experiences. To have a lot of reviews, of course, you also have to have many item sales.

WooCommerce has a multitude of plugins for product reviews. Use them, and an improvement in the conversion rate is guaranteed.

7. Live Support and Answers to Customer Inquiries

One of the best ways to improve your conversion rate is to have live support. Customers like to ask many things about products, and they most ask questions just before confirming their decision to purchase an item. If you have a professional and trained support staff who can provide helpful information to customers, you will drastically increase the conversion rate.

Store live chat

The best way to answer customer questionings is live chat. You can implement live chat on any page, but it would be best if that option is located on the product page so that the visitor can ask questions related to that product. However, live chat also has its drawbacks.

Someone should always be available to respond to user doubts. If there is no one and the user’s query is redirected to your email, this can be a bad experience for users and can reduce the conversion rate. So, if you decide to use live chat on your page, make sure that you have one or two or even more people to lead that chat.

8. Refund Policy (Return)

Shopping online always creates some suspicion. Customers cannot be sure of what they are buying until they see the product right there in their hands.

Person counting money

Before the visitor confirms the purchase, he will be sure to look at your refund policy. If the product does not match the description or the customer does not like it, they should indeed have the option to return the product. You must have clearly defined return and refund policies on your website to gain customers’ trust and make it easier to decide to purchase an item.


Many factors can affect conversion rates. Use the correct conversion rate tracking tools to know what your potential customers need.

You have to optimize your product pages to achieve good results; prices must be competitive. Be sure to make your pages mobile-friendly.

This article described eight things that you can do daily as administrators of WooCommerce sites, and increasing the conversion rate will not be missed.