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How to Become Famous on TikTok: Everything You Need to Know

How to Become Famous on TikTok: Everything You Need to Know

Vallery Henings

April 14, 2020 (modified on June 16, 2021)


Becoming famous on TikTok is the goal of many users who aspire to become influencers.

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about how to become famous on TikTok and all the strategies you will have to apply literally to build a profile with a large number of followers, likes, and views.

How to become famous on TikTok

First, you need to know that the path to becoming famous on any social network requires a great deal of time and physical and mental energy, so you have to work hard and never stopped believing in it.

In particular, TikTok, being a “new” social network that is launched recently in 2017, particularly enhances the constant publication of content. All this, however, does not go to the detriment of the quality of the contents. Know that it is incredibly important to publish quality, captivating, and fun content that can guarantee your followers the right amount of entertainment.


With this premise, we will now list in detail everything you need to know about how to become famous on TikTok, what are the strategies and techniques suitable for winning the attention of new followers, and retaining those you already have. Also, consider buying TikTok followers to get an instant boost on your profile.

Publish a lot of content

The first important step concerns the publication of contents; this is a factor of absolute relevance for various reasons. First of all, publishing content constantly is the right strategy to become famous on TikTok.

In fact, its algorithm tends to enhance the profiles that publish a lot of content. For this reason, publishing at least one video a day will allow you to climb the ranking of trends and be able to make your content viral. In addition, it is important to consider user behavior.

TikTok can boast more than a billion downloads, which means that in a very short time (especially in 2020), many users have started using this social network.

Find your style to become famous you TikTok

Finding your own style means carving out your own place within TikTok, giving an original image of yourself, and selecting some very specific types of videos and topics that will always persist in your profile.

The best way to communicate with TikTok is to be fun since the platform is mainly used for entertainment purposes. In this regard, some of the contents that work best within the app are ballets, i.e., videos in which you improvise a dance on a musical basis recommended by the app, and lip-sync, i.e., videos in which the mouth is pretending to sing the track proposed by the app.

Choose your style

These formats, together with many others that are slowly establishing themselves, are very popular on TikTok, and every aspiring influencer should use them to increase their visibility and acquire a greater number of followers. In addition to the most popular and “commercial” content, however, we recommend that you also publish other more original ones, which contribute to making your profile unique.

Take advantage of the challenges and trends of the moment

Taking advantage of the trends of the moment is essential to become an influencer on TikTok. An effective way to keep up with the changes and preferences of the TikTok audience is to participate in the most famous challenges. The challenges are nothing more than the types of videos proposed by the app itself, or by other users. So try to leverage the challenges and trends of the moment to gain more followers.