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5 Email Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Conversions

5 Email Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Conversions

Vallery Henings

August 25, 2021 (modified on August 26, 2021)


Running email marketing campaigns has massive potential to boost your conversions and, in turn, your sales.

However, implementing run-of-the-mill email campaigns won’t cut it if you want a chance at success.

You’ll need to pour some time, energy, and even a bit of creativity into your email marketing content and strategy before clicking that send button.

The good news is, we’re here to help you through this guide on five email marketing best practices and tips to supercharge your efforts and increase your conversions.

1. Personalize Your Sign Up Forms

Personalizing your email content is a great way to spark your audience’s interest, boost engagement, and encourage conversions.

What’s more, you can deliver personalized experiences even before your prospects sign up to your email list.

An excellent approach to achieve this is to personalize your opt-in forms.

Gather site visitor and customer behavior data, such as the traffic source, their previous purchases, and products or pages viewed, and use this information to personalize your signup forms.

Include dynamic content, such as images and copy. It changes based on user behavior, preferences, and interests to deliver relevant opt-in forms and offers.

You can easily use Mailmunch, a lead generation and email marketing platform. Even to create top bars, slide boxes, embedded forms, and lightbox popup forms.

Customize the platform’s opt-in form themes and templates to match your brand and campaign goals.

Design them how you want, including the colors, fonts, and backgrounds. And also, follow the best email copy tips to get your readers to click and ultimately convert.

Mailmunch templates

Mailmunch also offers advanced display options, allowing you to build multiple forms for various pages or posts to help you create a super-targeted email list.

With this, you can easily create, let’s say, an opt-in form with a 10% discount offer on women’s jeans for users who visited the women’s wear product category on your website.

It’s a great way to personalize your opt-in forms, display special offers for various site visitors, and encourage signups.

2. Deliver Behavioral Emails

Generic, “business” or marketing emails tend to get ignored by your subscribers, mainly if your email content focuses solely on your marketing plan. Send emails based on your prospects’ and visitors’ behavior or interactions with your brand.

For instance, you can set up automated emails customized to your audience’s actions. These can trigger after your prospects interact with your social media pages, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, website, and other channels.

Below are a few examples of triggered emails and how you can leverage them in your email marketing campaigns.

  • Welcome emails. Kick-off lasting relationships with your customers by sending welcome emails as soon as they sign up to your email list.

The welcome email below from eyewear brand J!NS is a classic example of this.

JINS welcome email

Welcome emails provide an excellent opportunity to get your new subscribers onboard, deliver personalized messages, boosting your engagement and conversions.

  • Emails based on products viewed. Send personalized emails containing the products your subscribers viewed to encourage users to complete their purchases.
  • Abandoned cart emails. Send follow-up emails to remind users of the products in their shopping carts. Remind visitors to go back to your website and continue checking out their cart items.

Sending behavioral emails helps you deliver relevant email marketing campaigns that let you connect and engage your subscribers.

Also, remember to implement proper customer success email etiquette to maintain mailing hygiene and help your brand come off as professional and trustworthy. Further, this makes subscribers are less likely to flag your emails as spam.

To get more meaningful results from your campaigns. It’s always a good practice to efficiently manage your customer service emails. And deliver effective and streamlined client support services.

Leverage a customer service email management software to organize, go through and handle volumes of inbound customer emails promptly and seamlessly.

3. Incorporate User-Generated Content Into Your Messages

Make your email marketing content more relatable and more accessible for subscribers to connect with by including user-generated content in your messages.

Users are more likely to trust your products and services when they see positive feedback from other customers, increasing their chances of acting on your offers.

Throw in a few poll results, customer reviews, or photos in your email. These photos should show your customers using your products to nurture trust and include a compelling call-to-action (CTA).

The email below from clothing retail company Everlane is an excellent example of incorporating user-generated content (UGC) into your email marketing messages and newsletters.

Everlane UGC

You can also ask your social media followers to tag your brand on photos that show them enjoying your products or services and include them in your email marketing content.

Doing so can help you connect with your subscribers better, build more trust and, in turn, increase conversions without spending too much of your marketing resources.

Also, organize and centralize your user-generated and other marketing content for quick access and implementation for your campaigns by using feature-packed content marketing software.

With a rockstar CMS, you’ll find that storing, organizing, publishing, or even generating content becomes a whole lot easier.

4. Include Interactive Content

Increase your subscriber engagement by including interactive content in your email marketing messages.

Some of the interactive elements you can easily incorporate into your email marketing content and strategy includes:

  • Hover-over images
  • Funny, relatable GIFs
  • Interactive carousels showcasing your services and products
  • Surveys and polls
  • Gamification elements

Use tools such as KingSumo, a WordPress plugin that lets you grow your email list through viral giveaways.

Set up your giveaway easily by creating a KingSumo account, providing the giveaway information, such as the title and duration.

You can also select the platforms and social channels you want to share your giveaways in and set actions allowing contestants to get more entries (among others).

Give away set up

Once you finish, save and run your giveaway.

Also, link a gaming experience to your rewards system through email, such as customers having the chance to get extra coupons if they win your game interactive game within your email content.

Interactive email marketing lets you create a positive user experience by entertaining and engaging your prospects and subscribers. Also, this helps you drive engagement, increase interaction, and encourage conversions.

5. Leverage AI Technology

Weaving Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into your email marketing strategy can supercharge your efforts.

For example, you can use AI-based marketing analytics software to analyze your email open rates, customer habits. And even other functions to help you address gaps in your strategy and streamline running your email marketing campaigns.

Other applications of AI technology to email marketing include:

  • Optimizing your email send times
  • Generating email subject lines automatically
  • Cleaning up your email list, such as flagging email addresses that are no longer engaging with your messages
  • Restructuring your email campaigns

AI allows you to streamline and even automate time-consuming and laborious email marketing tasks, helping you run your campaigns seamlessly.

Additional tip: If you can’t find an email marketing software with AI technology that perfectly answers your needs, create your app.

Also, if not a whole solution, you can build an app that supports your existing systems, workflows, and even the platforms you use.

Remember to back up your data to keep your business codes and repositories secure. Ensuring you can recover your data in case of cyber attacks and issues that cause data loss.

Further, use Backrightup, a flexible service that automates your Azure DevOps data backups in your preferred storage digital locations.

Are You Ready to Take These Email Marketing Tactics for a Spin?

While there might not be a perfect approach to supercharge your email marketing efforts.

Tips in this guide can help you head in the right direction.

Try out these tactics and see which one works best in taking your email marketing initiatives to the next level.