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Best Instagram Growth Services and Platforms: Skyrocket Your Profile and Become a Legit Influencer

Best Instagram Growth Services and Platforms: Skyrocket Your Profile and Become a Legit Influencer

Sara Peksin

April 30, 2021 (modified on December 7, 2021)


It is safe to say that we live in a time of social media platforms. Day by day, new platforms are popping up that aim to give the best user experience.

We are aware of the fact that today social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular among users of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly population.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, were once just a form of entertainment and a place to share images with friends and family. But nowadays, Instagram has also become very important in the business world. With the growth of digital marketing and the steep price of traditional advertisements, people began to look to social media where advertisements were cheaper and where they could quickly and easily reach their customers by promoting their business through images posted on their Instagram profile.

Many people spend a lot of time browsing through Instagram. Given the popularity of the platform and the number of users, each person who owns a business can use it to their advantage.

Consequently, very popular social media professions have been created, such as an influencer. They have many followers and a lot of engagement, and they can advertise products, services, or events on their profile and make money for themselves and their business partners.

To get to this point, a person has to grow their Instagram. That can be achieved using growth services and platforms! For instance, a service like Ampfluence. Ampfluence is legit and worth checking out.

Is It Beneficial to Use Instagram Growth Services and Platforms?

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The latest data shows that Instagram is used by more than 1 billion people, which implies that the competition is huge and tough, so it is very important to have enough followers and engagement. Unfortunately, sometimes a large number of followers is difficult to attain because it requires a lot of time and constant posting of content.

To help save time, Instagram growth services and platforms were invented. Most of them serve to increase the number of followers, comments, and likes. With them, in a couple of days, your profile can become one of the most popular, whether it is for a business or just a private profile. So should you invest in an Instagram growth service?

For all the business people reading this, the number one reason you should use services like these is to reach more people and generate more sales which will lead to better profit but also getting to know your audience.

Nowadays, before people buy anything, they check the brand online and see what others think about their products or service. If you have enough engagement on your profile, that creates more trust between the potential customers and you. Having a lot of followers creates a lot of social proof for your brand, which nowadays is really important.

When using growth services, the number one thing that you need to watch out for is that the service guarantees you a certain number of followers. Also, if you are considering buying an account that has a certain number of followers, but you are not in the same niche as that account – do not buy it. In that case, those followers will unfollow you because you don’t have the content they came for in the first place. On top of that, according to Instagram’s privacy policy, if they notice that the followers are not authentic, they will remove all fake likes, followers, and comments.

So, if you decide to go with some Instagram growth services, make sure to check out their customers’ reviews and carefully read all their plans and pricing.

Instagram Growth Services and Platforms You Should Check Out



Upleap promises to give you an account manager who will fully engage with your Instagram followers. Through that, you will organically grow your numbers.

The pricing is cheap; in a starter package costing $9.90 weekly, you get an account manager, email support, real and active followers, and so much more. You can also go with the other packages with a weekly or monthly subscription.



What is interesting about this service is that you can specify how much time you want someone to spend on your account. This ranges from 4 hours to 12 hours a day. This service has over seven thousand satisfied customers, and they also provide insight into some accounts they have grown.

Their pricing ranges from 99€ to 199€ each month, but if that is over your budget, you can have a trial subscription for 69€, which includes using the Platinum package for 10 days.



Socinator provides different services for many social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. This service lets you auto-publish and schedule your posts on multiple platforms simultaneously. On its site, you can check out the guide for installing this service and the features it offers.



Kicksta is a platform using which you can fully see the amount of engagement on every post. What is amazing about this platform is that you can manually target an audience, and you get a performance dashboard on which you can see how your audience engaged with the posts.

You can also determine what kind of audience you attract, which will help you get the numbers you desire.



This is also a service that increases your Instagram account engagement. This is a human-powered service which means you will get a personal manager that will manage your account. You can talk to your manager about the audience you want to target, your niche, your brand, and also create with them a complete functional strategy.

The starter plan costs $249 per month, and with that, you get a target audience, email support, standard reporting, and about 250+ real followers. If you want more than that, you can go with the “Growth x2” plan that costs $349 per month or the “Growth & Content Management” plan for $999 per month.



This is an application available on Windows, macOS, and Linux using which you target an audience based on hashtags and location. Also, you can track accounts and their activity, number of comments or likes, and interact with potential followers.


Having an active social media profile is great marketing for you and your brand. If you do not have time to maintain and grow a profile, then using some of the services/platforms mentioned above is a great solution for you.

Of course, always pay attention to the reviews of other users when it comes to those services/platforms as well as what they offer. If it is too good to be true, perhaps look for something else.