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What Role Does a Design Play for the Site?

What Role Does a Design Play for the Site?

Vallery Henings

August 27, 2021


The website’s design is one of the key points affecting a user’s impressions when visiting a resource for the first time from a search. A visitor often closes a tab without even getting acquainted with the content because its design negatively impacted him. However, this is why he decided not to waste time on further viewing the platform.

At the moment, millions of sites on the Internet are actively competing with each other in search results and gaining an audience. Internet users constantly need new information and new services. But with such a massive number of offers, they have the right to choose sites that cause respect and interest.

How to Create a Beautiful Website?

Visual Design

The site should be straightforward and convenient. Using bright objects, such as animation, flash banners, or other complex attributes is unnecessary. Because it is challenging to ensure they display correctly on all devices. A good website design in 2021 does not distract the user.

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Exclusivity of the Design

The design must convey the features of your brand, is remembered, and leaves pleasant memories.

Compliance with modern requirements. You can understand trends on Awwwards, Behance, Pinterest. Make selections, analyze the attractiveness of sites.

Testing on the Target Audience

After launching the site, you need to evaluate how the TA responds to it. Do users not get confused in navigation? Do they follow the links and go to other sections?

What Is Meant by the Concept of “Website Design”?

web designing

  • Selection of colors for the site;
  • Formation of the arrangement of text, pictures, and video materials on the pages;
  • Location of information blocks (advertisements, comments, related articles, etc.)
  • Font selection (style and size);
  • User-friendly design elements.

Suppose the information on the site is correctly submitted. In that case, the main elements of the article are highlighted. There are additional thematic links, the colors are not striking, and the main advantages of the site are clear.

Further, it has many benefits for the users:

  • Stays on the page longer;
  • View additional pages;
  • Check-in;
  • Leave a comment;
  • Add the site to bookmarks or social networks;
  • Return to the site again.

It follows from this that:

  • The site will be ranked better in the search results;
  • The resource will get an even more target audience;
  • The volume of site traffic is increasing.

In addition to visual pleasure, the website should also be convenient. Also, this will be the decisive factor when returning visitors to the site. Further forming opinions about the resource, and, most importantly, analyzing the search engines Yandex and Google, and therefore the ranking.

Person showing cellphone

Each site must look correctly on all devices, so we must customize it for different browsers. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing a large audience of users.

Web Design of the Future

Web design is changing rapidly. Every day we witness the appearance of new adaptive and mobile sites.

More recently, it has become possible to correctly play videos directly on the site’s pages.

And although such web resources still look like a novelty, they no longer surprise anyone. However, this cannot be said about interactive sites with 3D elements. Soon everyone will use websites with three-dimensional elements.