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Four Web Design Secrets a Designer Should Know

Four Web Design Secrets a Designer Should Know

Valentina Djakovic

December 23, 2022 (modified on February 16, 2023)


Running a website is hard work especially because you need to make sure everything runs smoothly but also make the website look good enough (learn how to make a banner) so that it will catch peoples’ attention. A web designer is someone who takes care of how the website looks and has to be a person that is very creative and looks after even the smallest details. That’s why  web designers need to learn tips and tricks that can potentially make their job easier and less stressful for them. In this article, we will mention 4 web design secrets a designer should know.

1. Balance between familiar and new
Web designers want to follow the trends and stay relevant and that’s why they might have ideas that include newer technology or more modern approaches. When it comes to that – my advice would be to use only 30% of innovation and newer technology and the other 70% is dedicated to familiar technology. It is very important to not go all out with innovation because it won’t be recognizable at all and the best is to find the balance between familiar and new.

2. Navigation is important!
When people enter a website they want to find everything right away. It is very annoying and bothersome when you have to navigate the website yourself and you have a hard time finding what you are looking for. That’s why web designers must make their websites easy to navigate. One of the most important navigation tools is a navigation menu that should have all the important pages of the website easily accessible.

3. Prototyping tools

When you have a new idea, that idea works only in your mind. Before you actually go through and design the idea and make it a reality, you need to test it out to make sure it works. That’s why web designers need to use different prototyping tools that can help them test out their ideas and see how they will play out in reality.

4. Target audience
When you are making a website it is very important to know who you are making it for. If you know your target audience that means you’ve already done half of the work because you know what they are looking for and how you should deliver it so that they will be intrigued and stay on your website! When it comes to designing, it is also a bit of psychology as well.

To conclude:
Since web designing is not an easy job whatsoever and the person in charge needs to be creative and love what they do, I’ve decided to help the best way that I can and that’s why in this article, I have given you tips and tricks on web designing. Before you decide to design a new website, the best advice is to give this article a read and take the mentioned tips and tricks into consideration I can assure you, your website will be a massive success!