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How to Use Twitter to Improve SEO and Traffic on Your Site

How to Use Twitter to Improve SEO and Traffic on Your Site

Vallery Henings

June 24, 2020 (modified on June 16, 2021)


Twitter is often synonymous with the current affairs that hit the platform as they happen. They always pride themselves on sharing stories and keeping the conversation going. So you as a business owner then wonder how can it help you improve your search engine rankings.

Many have said that Twitter specifically, and most other social media platforms for that matter do not affect Google rankings. That may be, but we are certainly noticing an upward trend of results showing Twitter profiles, especially when a brand has a high authority.

Intuitively we know this to be the case as Google strives to empower online browsers with accurate information, and the brands that are known and recognized for authority in the niche are bumped up in the search rankings.

And for that reason, we are sure that Twitter can help in your endeavor of improving your rankings in the search engine results. How is that possible, you may ask.

In this post, we’ll show exactly how you can use Twitter to improve your overall ranking in the search results.

Use ads from the beginning

Guy with a megaphone

It may come as a surprise that the first suggestion is to use ads in order to gain more traction on Twitter. Of course, there is a reason for this.

Twitter is known for giving maximum exposure to your business through promoted tweets, profiles, and trends. The one critical thing is that Twitter will promote your profile to users as a suggestion and will target users who are most likely to look at your brand.

Meaning, if you give the Twitter Ads engine enough data, you will find yourself gaining a massive following in a short time.

Why is this important?

Having more followers indicates to your customers that you have a reliable brand and can also signify brand authority. This will encourage them to follow you on twitter, as well as check out your links and blog posts that you share on the platform.

Once you create this level of brand awareness, it will lead to more searches for your brand.

Learn to use the right hashtags

Hashtag drawn in the sand

You may think of Instagram when we discuss hashtags, as it’s an excellent way to index your content so that users can find it. Substantially, hashtags broaden your reach¬†and can get you more followers on platforms like Instagram.

Twitter also has a hashtag functionality that helps index content, and you can use it in a similar way to get your content in front of the right audience.

When looking for hashtags, we recommend that you do your research by checking out the trending hashtags then going into each of them. Within these hashtags, consider how you can make content that leverages this hashtag and also fits in with your brand.

For example, if a new movie is trending, see how that can connect with your brand and use it in an intelligent way to draw more customers to your brand.

Once you get more people to your Twitter pages and looking at your website, it will build brand awareness and will lead more people to search for you when they need your products or services.

Share your links


Links on your Tweets positively affect your search engine rankings, as it allows more people on Twitter to access your website.

This also gives Google an indication that you are getting traffic from alternate sources and could improve your reach within the search engine.

Brands like Etsy and Amazon are using these methods all the time to increase the number of social shares and backlinks they are getting from outside users. This ultimately comes down to publishing the most reliable and relevant information out there.

Aim to add at least one link to each tweet. This will help search engines like Google index these links and give more exposure to your brand.

Use videos and attractive graphics

People pointing at laptop

Images and videos always do well on every social media platform. Twitter is not any different. People prefer the visual nature of graphics or videos because they can quickly tell a story, much faster than reading a Tweet.

That is why you should consider accompanying a tweet with a video or image. It should be high quality as it boosts the chances of people clicking your image and your links. More clicks will equate to better search engine rankings.

Think of ways to improve your videos’ quality by hiring a video creator who will make branded content for you. This is a more expensive way to do it. Alternatively, you may learn how to use video editing software like Adobe premier to create videos yourself.

Basically, you would need to weigh up the costs versus the impact it would have on your brand.

Final Thoughts

You may not see Twitter as being an excellent place to improve your search engine rankings. Yet, there are significant gains to be made from a platform that currently houses almost 140 million active users daily according to the latest twitter stats.

As a starting point, twitter users are actively on the platform, and the instantaneous nature of the platform ensures that your brand can quickly be seen. Further, there is a good reception for brands on the platform, and many users admit to buying an item they saw from a brand on Twitter.

It does take some work to optimize your profile and build up a customer base that will become loyal fans of your business. Still, if you have patience, you can slowly but surely build up a traffic source that can help boost your rankings in search engines like Google.

Did you enjoy this post on how to use Twitter to gain more traffic and improve SEO? If so, remember to leave us questions or queries in the comments below!