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Tools for Webmasters to Root out Web Plagiarism, Copyright Violations

Tools for Webmasters to Root out Web Plagiarism, Copyright Violations

Vallery Henings

January 31, 2020 (modified on June 14, 2021)


A set of legal actions is taken against people who steal things. Why is that so? Stealing something is an illegal act, so penalties are applied to the person involved. Plagiarism is an act of the same nature. If an article, blog post, business report, or any other form of writing is present on the internet, it belongs only to the person who has created. As he has used his creative skills and time, he would have the ownership.

The problem of plagiarized content is a serious one. However, there are various helpful tools that can be used to deal with it.

Plagiarism checker for detecting copied text material

Copied content is a harmful factor for content owners as well as people who plan to use them in a legitimate manner. Consider that you are a book author and really knuckled down, researching how to write a book proposal, gotten into your groove and developed the final manuscript after working for several months. It will not be a published experience for you if someone uses it illegitimately.

Unfortunately, this happens, and countless content owners suffer as a result.  It is important to be watchful about plagiarism problems when the content has been published. The use of a plagiarize checker is the smartest way to get done with this task. Here are some points that explain how a plagiarism checker can be used to detect copyright violations.

Content owner

Upload the content for performing checks

How do you know that the content which you prepared is not being reused by anyone? After all, it takes a lot of hard work to prepare content from the start, and most people are not prepared to do it.  Thus, they adopt the illegitimate method to copy content. People who develop content from the start suffer a lot due to this problem. To use a plagiarism checker, upload the content by copying as text or browse the related file. High-quality tools for checking plagiarism support files in PDF, TXT, and DOCX formats.

Rectify the highlighted mistakes

The plagiarism checker is used for the purpose of detecting the sections of copied content in a paper. When the uploaded content is scanned, you would see each line with rephrasing problems. Simply rephrase them properly and perform the check again using the tool. It is important to repeat this process until the tool does not show any copied sections. For students, bloggers, and research writers, this is a commendable option because they do not have to search for any errors. Once they have corrected all the mistakes identified by the tool, the content can be submitted right away.

A reverse image search for checking copied images

A lot of people who look for pictures online do not have any clue of reverse image search. What is the standard process of searching for an image on the internet? When we need an image, we plan a keyword combination in mind and type it in the search engine box. If you want to look for digital camera images, you will enter “best digital camera images”, “modern camera“ or any other similar phrase in the search box. After that, based on the entered words, a list of results would be returned. Here, you need to know an important fact. A lot of images shown to you violate copyrights. They are uploaded without the consent of the person who created them.

Image searchers can access the original source

Reverse Image Search

By using the Prepostseo photo search tool, it is very easy to access the original authentic source of the snapshot. When you access one of these tools, upload the image by searching for the file. The other option is entering the URL if you have already published it. The tool would scan for all the websites which have the image. In this way, you would be able to reach the original source. In other words, this is a smart strategy to deal with image plagiarism.

There are multiple perks of downloading an image from the actual source. First of all, image owners work very hard to design quality snapshots. Due to image plagiarism, a lot of these creative designers get adversely affected. As people do not access their websites, they never get appreciated for the hard work done. By using the reverse image search method, you can provide the needed appreciation to image owners and download top quality snapshots.

Positive points of reverse image search for image owners

How would you feel if something you have made after days of hard work gets stolen and reused? It is obvious that the feeling would not be good. This is exactly what image owners feel.

Although image plagiarism is an illegitimate act, a lot of people involved do not get penalized as the issue is not detected on time.

With the reverse image search, you can easily detect plagiarism and take actions against violation of copyrights.

Reverse image search and plagiarism checking tools offer convenient usage

Do I need to pay anything to access the tool? Is this tool complex to use? These are two of the many questions which users have in mind when they are searching for tools on the internet. It is a fact that some tools have immense complexity. Most people do not even make an attempt to learn them. However, plagiarism checkers and reverse image search tools are not difficult to use. The interface and set of controls are quite simple, so the condition of being tech-savvy does not apply.

Most users do not even need basic help while using these softwares. These tools are very easy, but that does not put a question mark on the effectiveness. They are lifesavers for image owners, bloggers, research writers, and students. In a nutshell, if you want to deal with plagiarism in the perfect manner, use these tools. It is impossible to produce the same level of efficiency by opting for manual searching.