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The Most Favored SEO Tools To Solve Any Marketing Problem

The Most Favored SEO Tools To Solve Any Marketing Problem

Beatrice Stefanescu

June 15, 2022 (modified on September 2, 2022)


The capabilities of internal search engine services are quite limited. They are only enough to solve individual small tasks or in cases where an SEO services specialist has a lot of free time.

If you need to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues, cope with the optimization of complex websites, and promote several projects at once, you cannot do without third-party tools. We will talk about the best of them in this article.

Google Analytics

This list would be incomplete if we didn’t place Google Analytics first.

Google Analytics is considered the simplest SEO tool that can both track the results of an advertising campaign and create reports on the target audience. For a beginner, it’s just perfect since there are not many complex features.

Don’t forget that this is primarily a traffic reporting tool. However, without it, traffic analysis and improvement would be incomplete.

Google Trends

A free Google tool designed to discover what consumers across the world are looking for at different periods. You will be aware of the trends in your market as well as get Google-generated data.

What services does Google Trends provide? Display of keyword popularity, statistics, tracking of popularity growth for each specific subject, comparison of related keywords, brand word analysis, and more.

Google Trends


Ahrefs SEO tool analyzes any website mainly in terms of traffic and control of backlinks. The official results from Google Analytics or Google Search Console don’t contain so much useful data and, above all, it cannot check the competition, which is very important.

Ahrefs is also loved for what it contains:

  1. Customizable alerts for new links, mentions, and more
  2. The simplest interface
  3. Deep analysis of search traffic using the site browser
  4. Keyword generator
  5. Website audit to identify issues
  6. Content explorer offering great topic suggestions



Semrush is a platform that is famous for the market’s largest keyword base – its Magic Tool now contains 20 billion keywords!

Take into account this tool since you may try out all of Semrush’s advanced capabilities for free for 2 weeks. Then you can register the basic and the premium accounts, the last of which offers unlimited access to all services.


Dr. Link Check

Broken links can ruin your image. Not only do they scare away site visitors, but they can also reduce your rankings.

Since manually checking every page is as difficult as hell, let this broken link checker do the job for you. Its bot explores the whole website’s code and linkages it can uncover. Internal links, links to photos, and other resources are all examples.

Dr Link Check


Moz is generally regarded as one of the most loved SEO tools in the digital space. It provides access to a plethora of useful tools, whether you’re seeking keyword recommendations or website analytics. While Google’s algorithms change frequently, Moz will keep your data up to date.

The app includes a link explorer, a keyword generator, and MozBar – a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to assess the performance of any site you visit even quicker.

There are other handy features such as MozCast, which monitors Google algorithms to bring you up to speed on developments, as well as MozPro, MozLocal, and STAT tools that are geared to the demands of certain audiences.



Woorank is an SEO software that analyzes how well a site performs and highlights crucial areas where site owners should improve.

But Woorank is capable of much more. It contains social media data, page ranking in search engines, usability, and other information.

This is why over 1 million individuals have selected Woorank as their preferred SEO tool, relying on Woorank’s insights to enhance their online marketing strategy.



Botify is a quick website audit app. It provides all sorts of information including HTML issues, download speed, and click depth.

According to several users, Botify is an enhanced version of Search Console from Google, but with a huge set of technical SEO gimmicks. If you have a multi-page site, Botify can be just perfect for you.



As an experienced marketer, you should know that the practice of SEO is not only about finding keywords in your pages and articles. It also should be engaged in your video marketing.

Tubics is software that enhances the performance of your clips in order to bring your SEO marketing to a new level. So, if you’re starting a YouTube channel, this tool is crucial.



There are tools with a wide variety of costs and functionality on our list: it’s easy to choose the one for almost any SEO task. But even the best service will not do everything automatically: in order to effectively promote and optimize sites, you need to be well versed in the topic and constantly develop.