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Speed, Uptime, Customer Service – Attributes of a Reliable WordPress Host Service

Speed, Uptime, Customer Service – Attributes of a Reliable WordPress Host Service

Vallery Henings

February 17, 2021 (modified on September 1, 2021)


Your WordPress hosting essentially operates as a storage facility that holds the data, images, files, and other content of your website. As it says in the name, this is all designed to be used exclusively with WordPress, and everything has been optimized in a way that gets the site to load quickly.

Of course, you can get a free one with WordPress, but if you are serious about monetizing your website, adding features, and customizing it fully, you are going to need managed hosting.

Obviously, there are different points to consider when you are looking into this. Here, we are going to talk you through some of the main ones to bear in mind.


Website performance report

In the modern age, one of the most important aspects of running a successful website is speed. People are no longer willing to wait even seconds too long for a website to load, so you need to ensure that your host service is not slowing anything down. One example here is the IONOS host service.

The loading speed that you should be looking for is under 300 ms. If you sacrifice your website’s speed, this can easily result in you losing customers to your competitors who have prioritized this particular factor.


Next up, we have uptime. Essentially, this refers to the amount of time that a hosting system continues to function uninterrupted. Of course, you actually want this at 100% to avoid any disruption whatsoever, but this is not possible, so it is worth looking at an availability of 99% or more.

If users are unable to get on your website in the first place, there is absolutely no guarantee that they are going to come back again.

Customer Service

Customer service agent with headset

Unless you are a technical whizz with a huge amount of experience in all things WordPress or are willing to hire someone who is, you will certainly need some customer support along the way. So, it is worthwhile for you to check the customer service ratings to see how previous clients have gotten on.

You should also look at the times and days of the week that customer support is available – can you expect round-the-clock customer service, or are you going to be limited to certain hours?

Your Individual Needs

Everyone has different individual needs when it comes to their website. Therefore, you need to choose a hosting service that works well for both the size and type of your company. Again, this is where it can be beneficial to look at previous reviews to see what they have to say.

Alternatively, if you can get a personalized recommendation from someone in your field, this is bound to be beneficial.

By following this advice, hopefully, you too can find the WordPress host service that you are looking for. These are the main points of consideration that you need to bear in mind when you are making your mind up.