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The best and most reliable WordPress plugins



Simple to use yet effective redirect manager, the Redirection plugin helps you gain all the benefits that guiding your traffic to where you want it can bring your website and business.



Security Ninja

Security shouldn't be complicated. That's why Security Ninja allows you to scan the entire site in just a click of the button, and tackles even the biggest security issues without requiring you to have a masters degree in IT.



Icons Factory

This free design editor allows you to create, stylize, and animate icons, stickers, post images and other scalable graphics. Once happy with the visuals, you can use them anywhere on your WordPress blog and beyond.



WordPress Charts

Adding graphs and charts to your website has never been easier with WordPress Charts plugin. Currently, you can pick from line, bar, pie, radar, polar area and doughnut types and easily insert them into your posts & pages.



Newsletter Gutenberg Block for MailChimp

Need to collect some emails using MailChimp in combination with Gutenberg editor? This is the block for you. Super-easy to use. Start collecting subscribers in minutes.



Temporary Login Without Password

Create self-expiring, automatic login links for your WordPress blog so you can give access to users without having them use usernames & passwords.

Admin, Users


WP Shortcode Control

If you manage multiple shortcodes on your WordPress website, this free plugin will help you by keeping them operational. It will spare your time and allow you to control all the shortcodes much easier than ever before.



WP Word Count

Keep the track of your words and improve your website's content using the WordPress Word Count plugin. Check stats, make sure there's no slack and gamify the entire process.


Paid Plugin


Oxygen is one of the most flexible & powerful visual editors for WordPress that lets you build pages easily but has more than enough features to satisfy all needs, whether you're a beginner or professional.

Page, Premium


WP FAQ Builder

This WordPress plugin lets you create an FAQ section on your website without any tech expertise required. It is created for beginners but has all the options that an expert would need for an amazing FAQ section.



User Verification

Block specific usernames & email addresses from automatically registering to your WordPress site. By setting up a few things, the plugin will help you maintain a clean site free of spammers who have become a problem on a daily basis.



Ultimate LinkedIn Integration

Ultimate LinkedIn Integration is a free WordPress plugin that lets you connect to the popular business network. You get to control logins & registrations, lock content, use custom redirects, map BuddyPress custom fields to LinkedIn profile fields, and more.

Admin, Social Media