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Tidy Repo

The best & most reliable WordPress plugins

Free Crop Thumbnails


Cropping images into thumbnails that will complement your WordPress website can be a hassle. These situations call for Crop-Thumbnails plugin, which will get you your thumbnails in no time!


Free Sticky Side Buttons Featured

Sticky Side Buttons

Sticky Side Buttons plugin allows you to effortlessly emphasize the information your users need from your website.


Free Zeno Report Comments

Zeno Report Comments

Zeno Report Comments is the perfect plugin for creating the comfortable atmosphere in your comment sections by allowing your users to help you with moderating its content!


Free WP Meta and Date Remover

WP Meta and Date Remover

WP Meta and Date Remover plugin is a simple and easy to use plugin that will help you get rid of all the unnecessary mess that happens on your WordPress website.


Free Buddypress


Social network software is a craze these days and for a good reason. If you want to allow your users to communicate with each other - there is a great way. Get BuddyPress plugin!


Freemium Cartbounty


Looking to sell more? Then you should look into CartBounty - the ultimate way to make those abandoned carts into sales.


Free Classic Editor

Classic Editor

Classic Editor plugin is the plugin to install if you need the good-old editor instead of Gutenberg.

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Code Snippets Plugin

Need help managing your snippets? Install Code Snippets plugin, and take advantage of its code editor, incredible dashboard and more!


Free Rank Math Featured

Rank Math: SEO Plugin Review

Promoted as "the Swiss Army Knife of SEO", Rank Math is an amazing plugin that can help you handle your website's SEO.


Freemium SEO Booster Review

SEO Booster

SEO Booster is the plugin you need to increase your traffic, and get the most out of your SEO efforts with keywords module, automatic linking, and much more.


Free plugin organizer

Plugin Organizer

Plugin Organizer is a handy plugin that can help you organize, arrange, and get the most out of your numerous plugins.

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Free Forminator Featured

WordPress Form Builder: Forminator by WPMU DEV

Forminator is the WordPress form builder you need to create engaging forms, polls, and quizzes for your WordPress site.