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Manage group classes, on-demand appointments, and payments on one platform

Manage group classes, on-demand appointments, and payments on one platform

Beatrice Stefanescu

October 11, 2022 (modified on April 17, 2023)


If you own any kind of business, you know how important it is to make it work, and for every part of that business – you need apps and tools to help you. What would you say if I told you that you could do it with just one tool? It is possible to manage group classes, on-demand appointments, and payments, all on one platform called StudioGrowth. In this article, we are going to explain StudioGrowth in detail and make you love it before even trying it.

The first important thing to mention when talking about StudioGrowth is that you can schedule classes. Those classes can be in-person or virtual and you can schedule group classes. Not only can you schedule classes but you can also schedule on-demand appointments.

This is very good if you are working with a bigger team or group or even if you are a teacher and you have to handle the whole class in one setting.

If you have your team or members, you can control their memberships. You can create and sell class packs and memberships to your members. You can control multiple things when it comes to membership – you can control their expiry date, membership cycle, credits, and many other things that come with having to deal with multiple people at the same time.

Automation is also very important and very possible with StudioGrowth. End-to-end automation is possible for all stakeholders. You can also make an individual customer or staff portals to allow them to self-manage. Of course, communication is key in keeping your customers and other stakeholders.

You can always manage to have seamless customer communication to assure them to stay on your side and give them the best possible customer support. You can also manage email notifications and set them to be automatic so everyone receives the messages right away and stays notified.

If we want to discuss features in a more detailed way, when it comes to schedules, you can easily create different schedules such as one-time, recurring, and even private sessions. These schedules can be modified fully and you can design them according to your liking in the schedule builder. You can modify many things – colors, layout, logo. This way you can always stay on brand and make sure yours is recognizable.

When it comes to selling class packs and memberships, we have to discuss it more to make it completely understandable. You can make as many as you want and it is very easy and fast to do so. They can be used for both: group classes and on-demand appointments. This means that they can be used for multiple purposes which is already a plus. There is also an option to accept payments.

Your payments can be accepted online and your customers don’t have to pay through only one option since there can be multiple paying options. When it comes to on-demand, you can set it easily for any staff member based on their expertise.

The next part we have to discuss more is customer service. Your customers can scan and book classes using QR codes. When it comes to group classes and appointments, you can easily manage the number of spots that will be available. Discount codes can be created as well and not only that but you can create unlimited discount codes.

Your customers don’t have to be bound to the memberships forever, you can give them the option to cancel their membership any time they want. This means that every customer with the membership wants to be there and stay.

To make sure everything is going well and to fix everything that can be done better – you get notified of analytics. You can get detailed reports and always be sure to keep everything in order.

Not only do you get reports but you can also give your staff freedom and allow them to manage their appointments in their own time and in that way ensure full availability. We have already mentioned but it is very important to mention automatic email notifications again.

This means that you never have to worry if emails have been sent and received because everyone will be notified of their incoming emails right away. Make sure your team’s productivity is unmatched. We could say there is nothing StudioGrowth can’t do!


In this article, we have discussed how to manage group classes, on-demand appointments, and payments all on one platform called StudioGrowth. With this platform come many features, all fully capable of doing their job right and in that way making your job easier.

Not only are they focused on making your job easier, but they are also focused on making your customers happy – it is a win-win situation. Get StudioGrowth today and ensure yourself success!