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How To Hide Followers On Instagram

How To Hide Followers On Instagram

Beatrice Stefanescu

May 12, 2022 (modified on February 14, 2024)


Instagram app is one of the leading social media platforms shaping contemporary communication and connection. In this guide, we’ll show you how to hide followers on your Instagram account.


Instagram App: Some History

Instagram was launched early in 2010 and gained its place among many other favorite social media apps. It was mainly for artists, designers, and photographers, a platform created mainly for sharing photos.

Take Over By Facebook

Facebook saw the potential early in 2012 and bought Instagram for a price that would be considered too cheap now seeing its popularity. One of the founders of Instagram Kevin Systrom was replaced by Adam Mosseri as the CEO, one of the founding members of Facebook, recently in 2018.

The app has been more than a simple photo-sharing app since then with many new features like the Instagram story, business account, activity status, and a more advanced search bar with an exploring page.


Why Would You Want To Have A Private Account?

With new features like Instagram stories, reels, and more commercial activity, more and more Instagram users are starting to voice account privacy concerns.

Instagram, along with many other social media platforms, is starting to become standardized in terms of content. A popular medium like vertical TikTok videos become a hit and other platforms started adopting it. Instagram reels have been the result of such a trend.

Online Privacy

Users Are Concerned About The Changes

Much more active explore page and standardized single-serving content are concerning other users who are used to their Instagram account as a platform where they can connect with like-minded followers and where they can share their work. Visit 1394ta for more like-minded followers.

Standardized And Similar Content

The algorithm is aggressive in making the content reach a wider audience and urging people to create similar content. Only the people who adapt to the new features survive and grow on Instagram.

Only the people who adapt to the new features survive and grow on Instagram

It also shapes the tastes of the users with the explore page.

Instagram Content

A Private Account Of One’s Own: How To Hide From The Algorithm

For people who aren’t interested in the most recent TikTok dance and repeated absurd reels that have the same caption with different people, having a more private Instagram account, where they can do their own thing with close friends with the same interests, has started to become essential.

How To Hide Followers On An Instagram Account

Unfortunately, you can’t hide the total number of your followers on Instagram. Your Instagram followers will be visible to whoever visits your profile. Even if you made your account private, your following and follower count will be visible on your profile page, so I would still recommend you to come by 1394ta’s original Instagram followers and make it looks more trustworthy.

Instagram Followers

You Can Hide From Certain People But Not The Total Number

However, there are certain methods we can offer if someone’s asking how to hide followers on Instagram. These methods give you some control over your follower list on Instagram although you can’t find hide the actual numbers as we’ve said.

There are three ways you can intervene on who has access to your followers and following:

You can make your account private, you can block or remove followers, or you can restrict followers.


How To Turn To A Private Profile

The only option you can use to hide your followers on Instagram from the public is to change your account privacy settings. When you have a private account your followers and following list are only visible to your followers.

As we’ve said your total number of followers and following will be visible to both followers and non-followers. However, only your followers can now see who those people are.

A private account also enables you to make your Instagram stories visible only to your followers again. If random and unwanted people were watching your Instagram story on your public account, it is smart to use this feature.

To make your profile private in order to hide followers on Instagram: tap on your profile picture and go to your Instagram page > tap settings > go to privacy > toggle “Private account” on.

A private mode also enables you to hide online status and activity status. If your last scene was visible, only people who follow you can see it now. If you used an emoji as your activity status, again people who don’t follow you can’t see them.

Your numbers of followers and how many people you follow will still be visible as we’ve said. However, if you want to hide your follower list from the public, making your Instagram profile private is the only way to go.

There are other ways to hide followers and the following list of your Instagram profile to a particular user, however.

Blocking Or Removing Followers

If you want certain people to not have access to your follower list, you can block them or remove them from your followers.

If you have a private profile your follower information is visible only to your followers. If you changed your mind about certain followers you can block or remove them from your followers.

To block accounts:

Go to their account > tap on three dots at the top right corner > select “Block” and confirm.

This is how to block users whom you want to hide followers. If your stalker comes with a new account, you need to block them again and again. You may want to try a private account in such a case.

In this way, you don’t need to change your account to private. If you want to hide following lists only from a certain person, you can simply block them while your Instagram account is still public.

Blocking Followers

Where To See All Your Blocked Accounts

If you want to see your blocked accounts:

Go to your profile > go to settings > go to privacy > swipe down and select “Blocked accounts” at the connections section.

Here you can choose to unblock an old blocked account if you changed your mind about them.

Removing Followers

If you want to simply remove someone from your follower list:

Go to your profile >go to your followers on Instagram >and tap on the “Remove” button next to the account you want to remove from your followers.

How To Restrict People

You can choose to restrict people if you want to hide private information from them instead of blocking them. Blocking can come across as too harsh, especially if you know the person in real life.

How Does Restricting Work

Restricting works differently than blocking, removing, or going to a private account. You can’t hide followers on Instagram from restricted accounts. They’ll be able to access your followers and the following list still.

So if your main thought was “I want to hide my followers,” you should try blocking or private mode and not restriction. However, the restriction can still have many benefits, especially in terms of bullying and mobbing, etc.


Restricted Accounts Can Still See Everything But You Don’t See Them

People whose accounts you restrict can still see your profile, your number of followers, and who you follow on Instagram, the recent post you posted. However, you don’t see them!

When a restricted account watches your stories, likes, or comments on your post, you don’t see them. It’s like shadow banning. They are free to browse your stories, Instagram profile, and all that but only see their activity like post likes, comments, and story watch.

Keep in mind that you can’t hide your follower list or following list on Instagram from restricted accounts.

Take the same steps to restrict an account as blocking them:

Go to the profile of the person you want to restrict > tap on three dots at the top right corner of their profile > select “Restrict”.

Where To Find Accounts You Restricted

You can access all the accounts you’ve restricted from the same page as blocked accounts:

Go to your profile >go to settings >go to privacy >swipe down to find “Restricted accounts”

Again, remember that you can’t hide your followers or following list on Instagram by restriction. If that’s what you want, go back to making your account private and blocking the sections above.

Instagram Likes

How To Hide Likes On Instagram

To hide likes is another step you can take in terms of privacy, in addition, to hiding who you follow and following lists.

It has been proven by many studies and personal experience that social media can have adverse effects on mental health. Like and follower count contributes highly to the phenomenon. The reason for hiding the following lists can be also a reason related to mental health.

Instagram thankfully has now a feature for hiding likes that take the pressure off the users and enable a more liberating experience. If numbers aren’t visible on their posts, users reported being able to share their posts with less fear of judgment.

Moreover, in case you are not happy with the likes count and do not want to hide them you can get Instagram likes growth service by 1394ta.

How To Hide Likes On Instagram

If you want to hide like counts on your post manually:

Select the post >tap on three dots at the top right corner >select “Hide like count”.

To hide all like and view counts on Instagram so you’re less fooled by the numbers when browsing:

Go to settings >privacy >posts >toggle on “Hide Like and View counts”.

This enables you to not see all likes and view counts on Instagram for a smoother experience.