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How to export business contacts from Google Maps

How to export business contacts from Google Maps

Beatrice Stefanescu

September 18, 2022


Google Maps is a website that offers a server for consulting geographical information online. There is also an online version available in addition to mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Google Maps gives users access to information on virtually all globe maps, in addition to a large number of locations and cities. Users of these tools can view real-time traffic statistics at the street level, in addition to being able to use associated products such as Street View, Google Traffic, GPS navigation, and a route distance estimator. Users can also use these tools to view historical traffic data.

Google Maps recently became one of the best ways to make any business or shop easily searchable for everyone. By entering their information into Google Maps, increasing numbers of local and even online companies can attract clients. As a consequence of this, you and the rest of your marketing team ought to make use of it as the optimal lead source going forward in order to boost sales.

A significant number of sales teams and marketing departments export information from Google Maps for the purpose of using it in cold calling, looking into user ratings, analyzing local company sectors, and other activities. Additionally, you are able to export business contacts very easily from Google Maps.

Google Maps


Google Maps is a treasure trove of information for businesses seeking to expand their customer bases by learning about the whereabouts of retail establishments, dining establishments, and gas stations. A robust SaaS called Outscraper allows for limitless data extraction from Google Maps at lightning speeds and without any limits on the total number of records that may be collected.

The practice of “scraping” Google Maps for information is a burgeoning subfield that can be approached from many different angles. Accommodations, contact information, travel directions, and user opinions are just some of the many uses for this handy tool.


However, compiling the map’s data and reformatting it for your own use can be a tedious and stressful process. The good news is that you can save time and effort by automating these processes with the help of the Outscraper Google Maps Data APIs and the Outscraper Web App, which pull the necessary information from Google Maps. Using this tool, you can easily extract the information you need from Google Maps and use it elsewhere.

Company contacts found on Google Maps can be exported to a file with the help of Outscraper and Google Maps Scraper. When laid out in this fashion, organization and navigation become breezes. Email addresses, social media profiles, and phone numbers can be appended to map-retrieved information with the help of the Email & Contacts Scraper.

The contacts scraper combs the web, Facebook groups, Google, and other public databases for email addresses. Different information can be exported from this tool depending on your requirements. To supplement the information gleaned from the maps with contact information, emails, and social media handles, you can employ the Email & Contacts Scraper.

Outscraper Export

You can compile lists of prospective customers, discover new clients, identify businesses that have received negative feedback, and keep tabs on these ratings. Compiling the local businesses from the largest database of the small, medium, and large enterprises enable you to research competitors. To acquire a more focused data set, you can filter by if there are any phones, emails, or websites.

The Google Maps Scraper eliminates copies from the same task so that you only receive unique data. even for a lot of requests. To create new apps, utilize their easy-to-use API. A standard library of procedures, data structures, objects, and protocols is what is known as an application programming interface (API) (API). Programmers must adhere to this set of guidelines and requirements in order to use the resources or services of the operating system or some other complicated software.

Add a limitless amount of data to your current platform. To ensure you receive exactly what you need, use the cutting-edge technology in scraping that Outscrape offers. You can continue scraping despite site updates because the team keeps the system up to date. To ensure that you receive the correct information on time, connect to powerful servers scattered across multiple regions. The base of Outscraper, which was created with the specific purpose of being able to manage millions of operations concurrently, handles all extractions.

Google Maps Phone

You just pay as you go with Outscraper; when you sign up to try it out for free right now, you’ll also get free credits. No recurring charges will be made each month. Outscraper offers quick and accurate information about Google Maps location in a clear and user-friendly interface. The platform’s advanced features don’t overwhelm the user experience, though. It’s much less complicated than other options.


One of the most effective tools for exporting business contacts from Google Maps is called Outscrape. You will be able to quickly collect all of the essential data by making use of their intuitive user interface. This will only take a few moments. If you want your company to expand in today’s world, you absolutely need to make use of this tool. Navigating and organizing are made simple by this tool.