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How to Create Store Flyers That Convert to Actual Sales

How to Create Store Flyers That Convert to Actual Sales

Vallery Henings

August 26, 2021 (modified on October 18, 2021)


Store flyers have long been a staple element for physical marketing and good reasons. It’s robust, efficient, informative, and, best of all, it’s cost-effective. It’s a favorite among small and big business owners, and its popularity has remained strong despite the emergence of more advanced alternatives.

Numerous flyer makers tools like Venngage have been popping up recently. They are offering even more avenues to create visually striking material without investing time. Even not that much effort is required when designing from scratch.

However, there are a vast number of templates online that offer different kinds of flyers. But the types we’ll be focusing on today are the kinds that can convert into actual sales.

Person creating handout

How Do Flyers Work for Sales?

Flyers are an indispensable tool for marketers of all kinds because it’s so cheap and effective. It works by catching the attention of a potential customer and, by having exciting content, it keeps them hooked long enough to disseminate relevant information.

And while its workings allow it to use it in almost any way possible, one can take steps to ensure that the flyers will be more effective than usual.

The first step is relatively straightforward. Like any other piece of marketing collateral, flyers operate best when they’re targeted towards an audience. Because the audience is likely to find its content relevant.

So, it’s crucial to identify the target market first and find out where they reside to reach them directly. You can do this in numerous ways.

  • Distributing flyers during a related event,
  • Hanging them in a visible area where there’s a lot of foot traffic,
  • Distributing flyers door to door,
  • Having a custom mailing list and physically sending it to their mailboxes instead

After identifying the avenue through which you will hand your flyers out, it’s time to create them.

Person in market

How to Create a Flyer

Creating flyers nowadays is an easy task. Whereas before, one would have had to use programs such as Adobe Suite, Corel Draw, or GIMP – all of which require a moderately steep learning curve that may have gatekept non-artistic types from ever pursuing any sort of flyer design work.

However, nowadays, the availability of free flyer maker websites allows users to pick from a library of templates instead of making their own. This way, they eliminate the need for even the slightest need for pre-existing design skills from its users. Just some of these free flyer maker websites are Venngage, Canva, Piktochart, etc. By offering assets as editable material, they not only make the design process efficient. But also swift and easy for literally anyone to do.

Take, for example, Venngage’s flyer catalog. Here it can be seen that there is a wide variety of designs to pick from, all of which are business-grade and professionally designed.

Venngage screenshot

How to Pivot a Flyer Towards Sales

When using flyers for sales, the main thing to remember is that it all begins with catching your audience’s attention. In sales, this is called a lead.

To catch a lead, a solid visual design is required. The following are some techniques industry professionals constantly employ to make flyers that pop:

Have a Compelling Call to Action

Include a phrase or two somewhere on the flyer that encourages viewers to do something that engages directly with it. Some of the best call-to-action phrases include “free, save, discount, new, or guarantee.”

Also, anything that tells them that they’re going to get something out of interacting with the flyer is a sure win. Make sure to make the call-to-action significant and very noticeable, though, so that is the first thing viewers see. That way, they’re instantly reeled in.

Emphasize the Benefits

Service or product flyers oriented towards the benefits it offers are a great way to draw people in. That’s not to say there should be a complete, exhaustive list of everything that makes it a long and clunky read. But it should be that there’s some text that’s short and to the point regarding what the flyer’s contents can give. Add essential details about the service or product within, preferably below the call to action section.

Use Eye-Catching Imagery

Business flyers work best to make them noticeable, as they have to stand out from their competition. That said, it’s essential to use either a creative, relevant photo or well-made graphics to complement the text neatly. Many factors go into the design of any flyer, but the main thing to keep in mind is as long as it’s visually cohesive and looks relevant to its content, then it’s doing its job.


Using these tricks is a sure way to convert a lead into a sale.

The essential goal is to communicate to your audience and find out if your products are what they want or need.

If that part of the flyer is clear, then it definitely can’t go wrong.