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How to Create a Static Website

How to Create a Static Website

Vallery Henings

December 5, 2018


Slides by Designmodo is an application that allows you to create your own static website instead of hiring a team to do that for you. With this application and a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, you will be getting a perfect website in no time.

It has been a norm for a while now for companies to have their websites. That is how new clients find them, get information about them, and usually, it is how these clients are convinced a particular company is a right choice to solve the problem they are having and, in return, take their hard earned money.

However, this has created a new problem. The developers are scarce and expensive if you manage to get one. Getting your website done is a tough job, and usually involves a lot of stress, missed deadlines and a budget breach or two. Not to give developers a bad name, though, because they don’t deserve it. They are just doing their job and this job isn’t easy, otherwise, anyone would be able to do it. So, have you given it any thought about creating a website yourself?

If you have, then you must have dismissed that idea as crazy, as you don’t have a bunch of coding skills and several different coding languages under your sleeve. You also don’t have three years to get them so that you can do it yourself from scratch and fail. There is a reason why developers are so expensive and things like WordPress plugins aren’t really free.

However, they also created an awesome application that will allow you to create a static website yourself by providing you with a bunch of pre-made stuff. While creating Slides, they have considered that the people using it do not have any coding experience, but they still need impeccable websites. They made it so that with just a bit of basic understanding of HTML and CSS you will be able to create the website yourself.

Let’s go through the features of Slides to show you how you can create an impeccable and fully responsive, static website for your business that supports all popular integrations.

How do I do it?

This can be a daunting task and you might be wondering whether you will be able to accomplish it on your own. However, if you would like to create your website, either as a single landing page or multi-page, it is somewhat easily accomplished with Slides.

First of all, and the biggest benefit of using Slides is over 180 pre-created slides and 15 templates which you can choose from and play with the design to create the website. There is no need to create anything from scratch, but you will be able to do even that once you get a grip on this application if need be.

Once you are in the application, you will be presented with a huge number of slides. You can pick as many as you would like or as many as you would need to present the information which will persuade your customers to get onboard.

If you are unsure about your choice of slides, then use the blue eye-button on the top right to preview them. Re-ordering and editing your slides is another piece of cake, as all you have to do is drag them in the order you please, or simply remove them from the selection by clicking on the trash button.

Reorder Slides

It’s easy to reorder your slides in the app

Choose the effects

All of the slides mentioned above include an animated effect, and you can play with and set one of the ten different effects to be used between the slides. You can make these effects work to your benefit, as you can set the slides to move as cards, chain them one right after another, or zoom them in. You can also edit the speed of effects and animations, which you can set up to work with your website’s copy. If you have a lot of text for your customer to read, just slow them down, and if you are trying to showcase a bunch of images, speed them up so your customers won’t get bored.

Flexible Backgrounds

With flexible backgrounds and highly customizable design, you can create the website so that it fits your liking. The background can include pictures or even videos; it is only up to you. The layout you will end up with is SEO friendly and transparent so Google will be able to find your website once it is up and running.

Slides Designmodo

Check all the beautiful slides you can use

Prepare the page

When you are done with the template, all you have to do is to download it. You will get a ready to use HTML, CSS or jQuery code, which you can use to set up your website. After you have downloaded it, it is time to become a developer. No need to panic!

Clear code base that Slides has, makes you a developer even if you didn’t plan to be one. It also comes with clear setup instructions and a comprehensive help guide with examples so there is no chance you don’t know what you are doing.

Once the template is downloaded, you should first unpack the archive. From there, you should simply copy the contents of the archive into the root folder of your website, or to any folder for that matter. When it is unpacked and copied, you should head out to the Slides manual to add the available modules to get the website to look and do how you would like it.

Which modules are there?

The bunch of available modules is there to help you create the perfect website. They are all pre-made and available for your choosing. You can choose different panels, both top, and bottom, which you can use to present your logo, available menu, and buttons.

Slides Designmodo modules

Slides Designmodo modules

Communication with your customers will not lack even though you are creating the website yourself. There are contact forms available and you can set up interactive messages that will help you gain customers. You can effortlessly collect their emails and start a conversation with your clients, which can be incredibly useful for your sales.

It also has pre-built buttons, inputs, and dropdowns for form elements. There is no additional coding or stress if you would like to create elements that seem difficult.

If you would like and if it fits your website better than a good old drop-down menu, you can add a sidebar for menu items, which works amazing if you have a lot of pages you would like to present to your visitors.

A slider is also available if you would like to display all the information or pictures in a way that will animate your website so that it grabs readers’ attention. Another way to make them comfortable on your website is to add the background music for a little bit of extra touch. Once you get them hooked, you can ask them to share your website and information about you using social networks buttons.

Even though the modules are already pre-made, you can still further customize each module to fit your vision of what your website should look like. You can add a bit of a personal touch by customizing fonts, for example. You can do this by choosing from a wide selection of Google fonts.

How to add these?

To add all of these modules, it is important to follow the instructions manual. You will need the basic code editor, such as Sublime Editor or Coda. When you open the code in it, it might look frightening, but the directions in the manual are incredibly clear and simple, and you will be able to modify the website in no time.

Slides Designmodo HTML

Just copy the code and you’re done

All you have to do to add the modules is copy the code presented in their manual. Before and after the code, you will be able to find clear instructions as to where and why. Some of them even have an additional notice available, to make sure that you understand what are you doing and why.

Dare to give it a try?

In case you are not sure what you are getting, you can also head on to the examples they have provided, and you can copy and paste the code of these into your own code to get the exact same thing. Get the already created background video, or use some of the available buttons if the ones you have are not the right fit.

If you are not sure how, you can also always turn to the Slides Youtube channel, and look for tutorials on how to accomplish what you would like to get on your website.

So, in short, while it might take you some time, with this application you will be able to create your website impeccably and in no time. Dare to give it a try?