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Easily find the professional email address of people you would like to connect with

Easily find the professional email address of people you would like to connect with

Beatrice Stefanescu

September 29, 2022


Everybody wants a higher chance or to be one inside the one-tenth of those who get the reply, but not everybody has heard about Tomba. The statistics imply that nearly 9% of outreach emails get answered, so it is understandable why people started looking for ways to pinch their emails. However, before we get to have a close look at it, let’s make sure we understand why professionals rely on email.

Even though there are plenty of ways to get in touch with public figures and companies, email is still one of the favored means of business and professional communication. In addition to the power of emails, it is considered the 3rd most influential source of information especially if it’s either worthy or relevant to the business. Meanwhile, getting to these email addresses is neither easy nor fun, unless you met Tomba earlier.


Recognizing the importance of delivering the right messages to right in front of those you need, Tomba is a great time saver, especially if the destination address is the people or companies you never had any prior communication with. Think about this situation. Let’s say you provide certain services and you know the target group of those who would be interested in what you have to offer. You are quite positive that your services are highly attractive to some companies but you don’t have a connection there.

You searched the internet but could not find a valid email address and your motivation level drops. That is where Tomba comes into play and cuts the chain of disappointment. Stop wasting time thinking about the easiest way to capture the right addresses that might be of great interest to your business.

Tomba’s powerful features allow the collection of professional email addresses from any website with just one click. The users are quite charmed with the options that come with the tool and most of them get the most benefits from certain features. With Tomba, you can afford a domain search, email finder or verifier, phone finder, etc., which will save you time and ensure the best and most valid results.

Some of the features are yet to be released many believe will change the way the game works for the better. Getting qualified business leads was never easier, and soon the technology data will be available among the features. Not only that, Tomba turned out to be extra friendly with CRM integrations, Google Sheets, API, and webhooks.

It comes as an extension available for the most popular browsers available such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. With a one-time purchase valid for life, you will be able to use all these features and never have any problems with integration compatibility, domain search requests, enrichment, etc. You will also be able to export domains and use email finder, email verification, and author finder as well. Note that the two team members are allowed.

An interesting thing is related to stacking. If you stack 3 codes you can upgrade from 500 search requests to 2500 search requests. 5 stack codes will allow you 10000 search requests. When you take all of the benefits into the consideration, it is understandable why the number of Tomba users grows rapidly. Worth a shot, right?

To summarize, getting the right connections inside the digital world is not easy, and there are plenty of tools that aim to assist with it. Some demand subscriptions and some are free, but Tomba turned out to be the most efficient when it comes to digging out a professional email address from which you will be likely to receive the response. What it offers is a subtle way to get real and professional email contacts without being creepy or spamming.