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6 Tips on Choosing Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

6 Tips on Choosing Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

Vallery Henings

October 21, 2020 (modified on June 16, 2021)


In today’s high tech and hyper-connected world, there are plenty of ways to advertise your small business. But how do you go about choosing marketing agencies that will take the lead on your advertising campaigns?

Here are six tips on choosing a top-notch marketing agency for your small business.

1. Get Comfortable

Friendly meeting

While it’s important to select an agency based upon its history and past performances, you’ll also need to pick a marketing agency that has the same values as you. It’s a lot easier to partner with people who are like-minded and share the same principles.

Get to know a company’s staff better by keeping initial conversations casual during the early stages of your search.

2. Industry Experience

Did you know that most businesses spend up to 20% of their annual revenue on their marketing needs? When you’re shelling out that much dough, it’s critical to pick a marketing agency that has experience in your industry.

Working with an agency that already has a deep understanding of your sector, customers, and the most effective channels to reach them will get you better results.

3. Thoroughly Understand Your Business Goals

Woman putting up sticky notes

Do you want to attract new customers? Expand your brand’s digital presence? Or boost your insurance leads for your sales team? A marketing agency’s digital marketing strategy should always align with your company’s specific and long term goals.

Before you start hunting for a marketing agency, take some time to thoroughly evaluate your company’s needs in order to find an agency that can cater to your objectives.

4. Use Innovative Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is a dynamic and fast-paced industry. It’s crucial that your digital agency stays abreast of the latest trends and technologies in order to provide you with premium results.

For example, mobile usage has increased by leaps and bounds over the last several years. Can your marketing agency optimize your small business’s website for mobile use and ensure all of your content is mobile-friendly?

5. A Solid Track Record

Man giving presentation

You want to partner with an agency that knows how to get the job done. Always ask to view their previous marketing campaign results. Better yet, ask if they can provide you with references from some of their past or current clients.

6. The Cost of Marketing

You’ll want to choose a marketing agency that can accommodate your budget. Typically, an agency will charge:

  • A Monthly Retainer: A fixed fee every month
  • Per Hour: The agency will charge an hourly rate for its work
  • Per Project: You will pay for a specific project the agency completes

Ensure to pick a marketing agency that you can comfortably afford.

Choosing Marketing Agencies for Your Small Business

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in operation for years, choosing marketing agencies for your small business is an important decision.

Always partner with an agency that has expertise in your sector has a proven track record, and whose values align with yours.

Along with that, don’t forget to read an Odysius critic review.

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