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The Essential Guide to Branding Vs. Marketing

The Essential Guide to Branding Vs. Marketing

Vallery Henings

October 8, 2020 (modified on February 1, 2022)


If you need to grow your business, you know the importance of having a great digital presence. You want to take the steps needed to increase your company’s reputation on the web.

You have been bombarded with signs that you need to improve your company’s branding and marketing. You might think these two terms are interchangeable, but they actually mean different things — and are of equal importance.

So what is the difference between branding vs marketing? This quick guide will help you understand both and why both matter for your business.

Branding vs Marketing: What To Know

Before you decide on your strategy for marketing and branding, you must first ensure that your company has a great website. We suggest looking at StoryBrand website examples to see what they can offer you.

Here’s what you need to understand about these two aspects of building a digital presence:


Nike logo

According to Marque Auckland Digital Agency, branding refers to the stylistic elements that consumers associate with your brand. For example, we associate the color red with Coca-Cola. We associate the slogan “Just Do It” with Nike.

You want to think about what elements will distinguish your brand from others. These are the elements that attract consumers to your brand as opposed to your competition. Branding can also include the way your business operates.

For example, online shoe store Zappos is renowned for its stellar customer service. This distinguishes their brand from other online shoe stores.

Consider the elements you want to incorporate for your company’s branding. What colors, slogans, and actions make your brand worth engaging worth?


Digital marketing on FB

This consists of the strategies to get your company known to others. In the digital world, marketing consists of content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing among other channels.

Marketing focuses on getting your customer’s initial attention and convincing them to purchase your products or services. Think about how you want to promote what you offer your customers when you post on social media or send out a weekly newsletter.

You want to consider how you will grab your audience’s attention through your marketing campaigns. You want to consider what the marketing trends are and how your brand can follow these trends to become successful. In order to do this in a proper way, you can always explore successful campaigns from a top marketing agency and the strategies to implement those campaigns to your website.

Why You Need Both

Small company meeting

For your company’s success, you need both branding and marketing. You need marketing to grab your audience’s attention. You need branding to keep their loyalty to your brand.

You need marketing to get the word out there about your company. Competition is fierce and marketing helps your company get its foot through the door.

You need branding to distinguish your brand from the fierce competition. Branding is what helps your company stay miles ahead of its competitors.

You need to speak to your company’s creative team on strategies for marketing and branding. This will establish your company’s dominance in your industry.

Grow Your Company

Now that you know the differences between branding vs marketing and why both matter, you are ready to grow your company. Make sure to always study the trends in marketing and branding so that your company never falls behind.

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