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The Best SEO Checklist of the Year

The Best SEO Checklist of the Year

Vallery Henings

December 21, 2020 (modified on November 29, 2021)


You’re starting a website? Great, but you should be aware that the competition out there is pretty fierce, so getting to the first page of Google search results can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with a little thing called SEO. SEO (i.e. Search Engine Optimization) makes sure search engines recognize your website and rank it highly, and this, in turn, guarantees a steady flow of traffic.

There are many elements to consider, so if you don’t have any experience with SEO, this can seem quite scary at first. Even if you’re well versed in this, you know that some extra help will always come in handy. That help has now arrived!

It explains absolutely everything in simple clear terms so that even a complete beginner can build a successful website. As the guys behind it say: it’s so easy even your grandmother could do it.

SEO Checklist promo banner

So, let’s take a look at what this checklist encompasses and how it can help you start raking in all that delicious traffic.

What does the SEO Checklist give you?

The core of the SEO Checklist is just that – a checklist containing all the necessary steps you need to take for your website to rank at the very top. Now, this may sound unconventional to you at first, but it’s an extremely efficient way of doing things.

This is not an eBook nor an article that will bore you to death with irrelevant details. No, with this checklist you can go through items on it one by one and easily make sure you’ve implemented them all.

SEO Checklist Google sheet

It’s all very intuitive, and the checklist is divided into eight different chapters dealing with different aspects of SEO.

You will start with the basics and work your way up to content, user experience, and even local SEO if that’s what interests you. And you can focus on the most important stuff quite easily because the checklist comes with a scale showing you how big of an impact each element of SEO will have on your website’s performance. Even the tools you need for the job are listed there.

So, it’s crystal-clear which steps you need to take, how they will affect your website, how big the impact will be, and which tools you need to execute them with, plus it’s all written so simply that absolutely everyone can understand it. But that’s just the beginning!

SEO Checklist SOPs

Even if you’re not quite sure what to do after consulting the checklist, you have absolutely nothing to worry about because the checklist is not the only thing you get when you make a purchase. You will also get detailed instructions on how exactly to implement everything mentioned on the checklist right down to the smallest detail.

SEO Checklist SOP collection

Everything is explained step by step, there are even screenshots available to show you exactly where to click and what to do. Plus, you will get plenty of helpful tips that will make your life a whole lot easier.

So, if you want to know how URLs affect SEO, something like has all the info. Not bad, huh?

This is all contained in more than 40 documents called standard operating procedures (SOPs), and they cover the basics as well as more advanced steps.

To help you find exactly the instructions you’re looking for, every item on the checklist is connected to a specific SOP where you can learn all about it, so in one simple click, you can get the clarification you need if you’re not sure what needs to be done next.

So you can see how even complete beginners can use these products on their own, right? And the best part is – there is so much more you can get in this awesome bundle!

Other features of the SEO Checklist bundle

Apart from the main two elements discussed above, there are several other things you get if you make a purchase now, things that will surely come in handy in your quest for the number one spot on Google. For example, you will get the SEO Checklist eBook, a PDF file spreading across 63 pages – everything we’ve discussed so far, but in a slightly different format for your convenience.

However, apart from that, there are a couple of more things you can expect, and these things deserve to be emphasized a bit, so we will give them their own subtitles and paragraphs.

Trello Board

SEO Checklist Trello board

As you can see, there’s a lot of planning involved here, so naturally, you will have a lot of tasks to complete. We are talking about planning for a whole year. The board on Trello you get as a part of the bundle will help you make sense of the things you have to do. For example, you will be able to set deadlines and determine the priority of each task, which will help you discern which thing you have to tackle next.

It is also possible to write notes for every task, and if you have a team of people working with you, you will be able to coordinate your efforts with them through just a few clicks.

Finally, once a task is successfully completed, you can simply move it to the “Done” folder to declutter the board a little. Believe us when we say that this brings you the sort of satisfaction that is difficult to put in words.

Content planning calendar

Content planning calendar

To have a successful website, you need quality content. That’s simply non-negotiable because Google prioritizes quality content above all else. Therefore, you need to have a good content strategy in place, a plan which you are going to stick to on your way to glory.

This is where the content planning calendar comes in because, with this useful tool, you will be able to plan out your content for a whole year in advance.

Not only that, but you will also be able to pick the content that should be promoted much more easily.

In short, you will always know what to do next and stress much less over your overall strategy. Keeping things nice and clear-cut this way makes your life a whole lot easier.

One month of SEOBUDDY for free

One month access to SEOBUDDY

You will also get a whole month of using the Startup plan of SEOBUDDY completely free. This is an incredibly important deal, given that the standard price for this is $47.

But what is SEOBUDDY? Well, it’s a search engine that helps you find the keywords you should be targeting, plus, it shows you what your competitors are up to. This competitive analysis framework can be extremely useful because this way you can find topics and keywords you haven’t yet covered in your content that have proven themselves to be popular among your target audience. Additionally, you can also see the websites from which your competition is receiving backlinks, which can also point to the opportunities you’ve missed.

SEOBUDDY does all of this in a simple manner and offers some really smart features that make this process a whole lot easier. Check it out (it’s free, remember?) and see for yourself the power a well-crafted tool like this can have.

Content distribution checklist

Content distribution checklist

Yes, another checklist. This one, however, is primarily focused on the content you create. You see, it’s not enough just to produce content, slap it onto your website and let it sit there in the hope that someone will eventually find their way to it. No, you have to spread the word about it, create backlinks from other websites leading to it, and all that good stuff. That way, Google will recognize your pages as relevant and boost them towards the top.

The content distribution checklist you get here shows you exactly how to efficiently get likes, quality leads, and generally attract the attention of the people you’re targeting. Don’t worry, just like everything else you get in this bundle, this is all extremely simple to understand and do, too. You’ll be getting new visitors in a blink of an eye!

The overall value of the bundle

All the elements mentioned above can be purchased and installed individually, obviously. However, in that case, you would be paying more. A lot more.

We’ve already mentioned that the monthly subscription for the Startup plan on SEOBUDDY saves you $47 in this package, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The combined value of all elements in the bundle is more than 340 EUR, but in this case, you can get them for just 79 EUR. That’s one impressive discount right there.

SEO Checklist package

But, as the saying goes, that’s not all. It is also possible to bring that price down even more by using a promo code. Type in WEBFACTORY in the coupon field and you will get a further 25% off. In other words, the final price tag will be less than 60 EUR! Paying 60 EUR for absolutely everything you need to create a successful website is undoubtedly a spectacular bargain.

Why should you invest in SEO?

Before we start wrapping things up here, we’d like to discuss the importance of SEO a bit. It needs to be said that investing in SEO is a long-term investment because it takes time for your site to build authority and relevance in Google’s eyes. If you do it right, though, you will reach a position that cannot be taken from you easily.

It’s all about building a website that is performing well consistently and growing with time. The SEO Checklist helps maximize that growth.

Keep in mind that it will take at least several weeks for you to be able to notice more significant improvements, but if your SEO is done properly, the amount of traffic your website receives can multiply in the span of several months.

Website growth with SEO Buddy

Adhering to the rules of this trade doesn’t only mean that Google will like you – it also means you will be producing useful, quality content people appreciate because that is exactly what Google is looking to promote. Once people recognize you for that, your website will have gained a loyal following.

In the end, your visitors will have turned into reliable leads, many of which can become your clients and, eventually, returning customers. So, if you want your business/website to thrive, SEO is the only way to go, and the SEO Checklist makes that road as easy to travel as possible.


There simply is no better way to attune your website to Google’s preferences than by using the SEO Checklist. Everything you need to do to make it has been broken down into its core components so that even a child (or one’s grandma) could understand it. And even if you do have problems understanding it, there are instructions, tools, screenshots and so much more to help you out.

In other words, with this bundle, you will be perfectly prepared to launch a successful business.

Indeed, you get a huge amount of things that can help you come up with a solid strategy, which is why the total price is extremely impressive.

And don’t forget, you can use promo codes to diminish the price even further (WEBFACTORY for 25% off, remember?).

All in all, this is just the perfect way to start working on your new website. You will know exactly what to do every step of the way, so it won’t matter if you’re an expert developer or someone who’s just getting started. Either way, there is bound to be a lot of useful information for you here.

And even after saying all this, we still don’t believe we’ve conveyed how simple and well designed this product is. So take a look for yourself and prepare to be blown away. You’ll feel like there is no way your website won’t soar to the very top of Google search results.