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Best Form Builder Tools

Best Form Builder Tools

Beatrice Stefanescu

September 11, 2022


Trends change, and so do the ways of form creation, submission, and further management. However, a successful transition from physical form handling to digital form creation can be quite time-consuming and frustrating for numerous users, which made most of them turn to the new way of building and managing forms.

The best form builder tools available today dominate with features that take care of the most complex parts of the process. This article reveals the best of the best, unveiling the functionalities that might just be a perfect match for your needs, whatever they might be. As long as they are form related.

1. FormDesigner


Those looking for a powerful form builder tool in 2022 might as well end the hunt. Call it your lucky day. Our first choice when it comes to creating digital forms is FormDesigner. It successfully serves a growing number of small businesses and large corporations. With this form builder, your forms become fully responsive, which means no device will have loading or displaying issues regardless of the size.

Appointments, booking forms, quizzes, and many other complex forms were made with FormDesigner because it saves huge amounts of time and lets beginners handle online forms almost like professionals. Even further, with FormDesigner new users can easily integrate their forms into websites quickly. In case of a lack of ideas, feel free to choose from the beautiful templates available.

2. Zapof Forms

Zapof Forms

When it comes to online forms, many things changed with time. Besides challenging requirements in terms of functionalities and features of electronic forms, the change in trends affected the way e-forms look. There is no better option than Zapof Forms for all of those who want to replace the old and simple-looking forms filled with square labels, etc.

This tool comes ready with a very fast and intuitive builder that enables users to create attractive forms in minutes. There is a huge variety of elements to choose from when building such powerful forms. It allows the currencies, numerics, emails, phones, and spreadsheets, and allows users to upload files and photos. The library contains a great number of predesigned form templates that will save a great amount of time. Now the features that make this tool stand out include strong conditional logic with the vital spreadsheet functions, allows no submission duplicates, downloadable receipts, and much more.

3. Formly


Perhaps the best alternative to Jotform or SurveyMonkey available is Formly. This online form builder allows a high level of form customization and lets users create great surveys in minutes. It comes with just enough assets to qualify for the perfect survey solutions provider. Their slogan ”Humanizing digital forms and surveys” is quite an on-point statement describing what Formly offers to its users.

Getting your eyes on responses was never easier since Formly enables conditional email notification once the form is submitted. You can create a rule to have a PDF response attached so you have a good overview of all that is coming. The templates on the other hand will save you decent amounts of time. If surveys are your thing – stick with Formly.

4. Growform


Any serious marketer today should know that multi-step forms hit their prime nowadays for a reason. Well-designed multi-step forms generate twice as many leads, and it doesn’t take science to make it with Growform. With a simple goal which is to optimize your investments and deliver the best results, Growform applies innovative strategy with psychology-backed templates.

They exist to show the ropes to those who want to get the maximum of leads for what they invested in promotion. Prospective users will appreciate the conditional logic behind your forms, which will load pages based on the input. Importantly, it is easy to integrate other tools like Zapier, because when your leads flow in, you can choose among 300 different destinations.

5. Headlesform


Many of you are convinced that HMTL forms are hard to make and require high technical knowledge. Well, it is time to stop being naive and meet Headlessform – a great online form builder which allows fast creation of HTML forms, with backend support ensured. Aiming to take as much weight from your shoulders, Headlesform represents a wave of change to the game of getting submissions.

With this one, you can even set an auto-response email as a reply to each submission you get. The backend will make sure the answers are delivered in real-time. Moreover, this user-friendly tool can be integrated into a large number of marketing tools. Spam protection is yet another important feature but, most importantly, there is no need to know or apply any coding for HTML forms with Headlesform.

6. Formcake


Yet another decent online HTML form builder is Formcake. With an interesting strategy, this tool aspires to be a time-saving leader by taking care of the backend part. In that case, the users focus on making the front end look attractive enough and easy to respond to. A combination of good documentation, fast performance, and a minimum of dependencies seems to be a successful recipe for Formcake.

Developers get the most benefit since it saves their time and lets them focus on aspects that need time and effort, even though many remote professionals around the globe use it happily.

7. Formvio


What if someone told you that no-code tools will develop to the extent that you will be able to live and create without knowing programming languages? Say hello to Formvio, one of the best in the category. It is known for its ease of use and user-friendly features that allow users to create a wide range of forms with different purposes. The main strengths that Formvio brings are related to the automatization of certain processes concerning capturing and populating data, or gathering the e-signatures.

Drag-and-drop interface enhances users’ creativity while keeping the forms smart and sharp. You can design very appealing and fully responsive forms to fit your social media, email, website content, or more. Easy embedding into the website by copy-paste a shortcode is a big plus for Formvio as well.


There is no doubt that the best form builder tools are no code tools. Modern no-code tools discussed above represent the ones with the highest scores in aspects and features they bring to online form creation and further management. So many processes are made easy without knowing a single line of code in any of the programming languages.

The integration that can be a simple copy-paste action to powerful conditional logic and automatization are just some of the essential functionalities these tools offer. Allowing beginners to make professional-looking, neat, and well-functioning forms in simple steps that take the minimum of time.