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The Best Email List Validation Tools: Clean Up Your Email List With Ease

The Best Email List Validation Tools: Clean Up Your Email List With Ease

Milica Brborovic

June 13, 2021 (modified on December 6, 2021)


You are probably familiar with those annoying typing mistakes when you type an email address or when you want to write your own? For example, you have forgotten one letter or put one letter more than you needed.

Let’s say that you have a business, and you have to collect email addresses from your subscribers to build an email list. First, however, you want to be sure that all of your emails are valid and that they exist.

Fake or wrong written emails, all of this can happen every day, and this leads us to the term “Email validation.”

What does this term mean? Email validation is a procedure that verifies if an email address is valid. If the address is correct, it means that the address exists and it is error-free. Besides that, validation tools chack if emails are risky and invalid.

As you can see the email validation is valuable and necessary if you have an online business. Errors are not a strange thing when your visitors type their email addresses. So if you want to provide growth of your email list, we recommend you to use some of the great validation tools. Those tools will improve your subscriber list as well as the result of your campaign.

Keep reading this text and chose one of the best email validation tools. We have prepared a couple of the best ones for you!

1. Email List Validation

Email List Validation

If you want to be sure that your campaign will arrive in the right inbox, this is the tool for you. Email List Validation maintains your email list clean and increases your delivery reputation. Design your email template, write the desired content and validate your email audience before launching the campaign.

This multi-level verification system verifies your email list quickly and easily.

There is nothing more annoying than when you have to copy-paste one by one all emails. With this tool, you don’t have to do this. Instead, upload an email list from your CRM, and The Email List Validation will do it for you automatically. With Email List Validation API, you can catch suspicious emails on the signup forms on your website and prevent them from getting into your database.

You will have instant insight into the results of what emails are deliverable, invalid, or unknown. The results will be expressed as a percentage and represented as a circle with different colors. Of course, the red color is a warning color that shows the percentage of invalid email addresses.

Also, the tool integrates whit different marketing platforms such as MailChimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, etc.

Use Email List Validation and don’t let your campaigns be unsuccessful because they don’t deliver to the correct email address.

As long as the pricing goes, there are three pricing plans: $59, $118, and $177. The great thing is that those prices are a one-time purchase that you pay only once!

2. ZeroBounce


Further, we have one more tool that can help your business. ZeroBounce is a tool that will improve your email campaigns and increase your business success. 100,000+ clients have installed it for a reason, and you can become one of them when you discover its features.

You can forget about the wrong emails getting into your database. The ZeroBounce API allows you to validate emails on the registration forms on your website. Sometimes you are probably wondering who are your most active subscribers and how to find them? This tool has embedded Score works, some artificial intelligence, that scores every contact on your list and gives them a value from 0 to 10.

You are familiar with the feeling when you spend hours and hours creating your email template. You add the pictures and content, and everything seems to fit perfectly. Great, but this doesn’t mean that your mail can’t be spam.

We want to save you that trouble. Test your email with ZeroBounce before you send your campaign so you can fix them. Avoid spam and reach the inbox with this feature.

The ZeroBounce has one more great feature to save you a lot of trouble: The BlackList Report. What does that mean? It’s simple to understand; you can check your domain and IP address and determine if it’s on the BlackList. You will get warned if your email gets to the BlackList, so you can act to get delisted.

Pricing: The price depends on the number of emails that you need to validate. If you don’t have more than 100 emails, you can use this tool for free. However, for 2000 emails, the price is 16$ per month. 

3. NeverBounce


With NeverBounce, you will never have a problem with wrong emails. If 125,000 users trust this tool, it is apparent that it provides many useful features that increase the success of your campaigns. Clean and verify your email list and enhance your business.

A lot of websites have a contact form where users write their emails and subscribe to the newsletter. With this tool, you can verify emails directly on your registration form.  Also, you can activate automatic processes of cleaning your email list, and whenever you send your emails, your data will be clean.

There are dozens of reasons why NeverBounce is the number one trusted cleaning solution. Marketing strategy is one of the most important things for every enterprise.

It will provide noticeable results and increase your profit. How can this tool help you with this? When you improve email deliverability, the chances of increasing conversion are getting higher.

Some research shows that 30% of emails go bad in just one year, so it is the right time to reduce this percentage and improve our email campaigns.

NeverBounce is simple to use and user-friendly.

Pricing: The price depends on the number of emails that you need to validate. If you have up to 10,000 emails, the price is 0,008 per email. If your email account list is more prominent, the cost per email is lower. 

4. Emailable


It is not enough to send emails to promote your business. You can have many email addresses on your list, but you won’t have any results if most of them are wrong. With Emailable, you can clean your list and increase the delivery of your email campaigns.

Import your emails for verification, no matter of your list source.  It can be list from your computer or some of the marketing platforms, such as MailChimp, Sendinuble, etc. Your email list will be verified in a few minutes. When the verification is over, you will get the results in numbers and percentage of your emails.

You will see the results in different colors. And also, you will get insight into the number of deliverable, undeliverable, risky, unknown, and duplicate emails.

One more fantastic feature of this tool is Monitor that provides complete automation of email list cleaning. If you want to integrate email verification into your website, you can do it with Emailable. A Widget option allows you to install embedded code from the Emailable website, and that’s it. With all these solutions, your email campaigns become more effective, and effectiveness is one of the most important goals for maintaining the business.

Pricing: You can choose from two pricing model: Credit-based model, with pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription options that starts from $15 for 5000 credits.


All these mentioned tools have the same purpose, to increase the delivery of your emails. Email marketing is one of the best platforms for advertising, especially nowadays, when the central marketing place is based online.

So, if you can improve it and make it more successful using some of the email validation tools, you should.

Remove invalid emails and ensure that your emails go out to real users. Chose quality before quantity because the wrong email address will not enhance your business.