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8 Virtual Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job

8 Virtual Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job

Beatrice Stefanescu

June 5, 2022


Everything has come to a head today. Opening night, as it is known in the theatre. The challenge at hand is to market oneself. Don’t allow the screen to get in the way of the interview’s aim.

Virtual Interview Laptop

To secure your dream job, you need to follow these recommendations, and they’ll help you do just that.

1. Make an excellent first impression by dressing well.

This brings us to the use of my “lucky interview blazer.” My jacket goes on every video interview with me; I never begin one without it.

It doesn’t matter whether your interview is conducted face-to-face or virtually; how you present yourself tells the interviewer that you are prepared for any situation.

Interview Impression

Make sure you’re in your business best, even if you’re in your bedroom or kitchen table. Whether it’s a jacket, a suit, a button-down shirt, or a simple piece of jewelry, this is an essential piece of clothing.

2. Keep a copy of your notes handy.

When interviewing, if you’re someone who relies on notes, make sure they’re right in front of you.

This helps me keep track of my LinkedIn and resume areas I wish to highlight or bold in a separate window. It’s convenient to have something like this on hand for rapid reference.


It works because: As a result, you won’t forget anything since you already have such reference points at hand.

3. Perform pre-tests on your technologies.

You’ll know ahead of time whether you need any special software to finish your interview correctly. Make the most of this time by downloading the program if you haven’t already and brushing up on the fundamentals of how it works.


It’s also an excellent chance to see how your camera works with your chosen program. There isn’t a single video service that’s the same. As a result, you must do the following tests:

  • Microphone
  • Lighting
  • Camera

If you want the interviewer to see your face down to your shoulders, make sure your camera is framed such that you have a few inches of space above your head.

4. It’s essential to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

Remember that you are not sitting in the same room as your interviewer while doing a video interview. As a result, make an effort to look at your interviewer.

Other distractions, such as family members or housemates, may be inevitable if you work from home. Maintaining eye contact and letting the interviewer know you’re engaged is the most excellent method to be professional no matter what the surroundings are like is a must for every job interview. It’s not like people won’t be looking at you.

Eye Contact

It’s always a good idea to chat while looking at the camera on a second monitor. When an interviewer sees your profile, they’ll wonder what else you’re doing in your free time.

5. Keeping distractions to a minimum is essential.

Even though inevitable distractions are beyond your control, there are some that you can manage. For example, don’t look at your phone while you’re driving. Please put it on mute or in another room and turn it over.

There are no distractions, such as a messy kitchen or people strolling by in the background, if you want to do your interview in a non-office environment like a kitchen or bedroom.

No Distractions

Maintain the attention on your subject by removing distractions from your backdrop if possible, or employ a blurring effect if your program permits.

The last thing you should do is tell your housemates that you’ll be in a meeting at that time.

6. Make sure you have enough lighting.

There is no substitute for being able to be seen on camera when meeting with an interviewer.

Testing your gadgets is an excellent opportunity to check your lights as well. Ideally, you should be able to sit in front of a window so that you may make use of the natural light.


If this isn’t an option, you’ll need to invest in a desk lamp to provide enough lighting for your whole face.

Avoid aiming the light directly at your face when utilizing a desk lamp. Instead of directing the light now at your face, aim it against the wall and let it bounce back. Natural, diffused light will be provided instead of a harsh, bright light with hot spots.

7. Be on time for every round.

Take a few deep breaths to keep yourself calm and focused at this time. Going into an interview quietly and collected is preferable to rushing in after a fast toilet break and disrupting the flow of the video conference.

On Time

There is no need to spend 20 minutes chatting with your interviewer on Skype or Zoom before the scheduled start. On the other hand, you should arrive at least five minutes early for each interview.

8. Make sure you speak clearly and loudly.

As a rule of thumb, talk loudly enough so that your microphone can hear you. Video interviewers have fewer resources, and they won’t be able to evaluate your responses if they can’t listen to you.

Make a video recording of yourself singing along to your favorite song using the video software you’ll be using to practice for this. Take your time, listen carefully, and adjust the volume if necessary.

Interview Microphone

Video interviews may be carried out from the comfort of your own home. It may be challenging to make this place interview-ready, but you don’t have to change the room’s usefulness. Make sure you’re conveying your professionalism and self-confidence.

It’s now time to consider the situation if you don’t have a designated interviewer. Hence, we may expect automation in this process. What does it imply, and how can you master it? Let’s take a look.


In both a video interview and a face-to-face interview, you must demonstrate that you are the best candidate. It’s essential to keep an eye on the big picture, adds Sonnet. When doing a video interview, you should aim to spend as little time as possible staring at a camera and recording yourself. In an interview, it’s more important to establish a personal connection with the interviewer than any other factor.