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7 Ways to Combine Your Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies

7 Ways to Combine Your Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies

Beatrice Stefanescu

July 27, 2022 (modified on June 13, 2023)


The powerhouse of social media platforms and email marketing are an obvious choice when it comes to combining the two as a marketing strategy. For any business of any size, these two marketing methods are a great way to utilize the influence they both have.

Even though you might use both of them separately when it comes to marketing, it doesn’t cause any harm by using them together too. It helps to encourage cross-channel interactions and will help reach customers in a way that they may not have been targeted or engaged with before.

Whether you’re a small business, a new startup, or a large corporation, it can be widely beneficial to bring together your social media channels and your email subscriber list to create an effective marketing strategy in 2022 and beyond.

This guide will explore the benefits of both marketing methods and how you can combine the two with some of the best practices being used right now.

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What makes social media and email marketing so effective?

Marketers have been vocal in their love for both social media and email marketing in the past. Let’s start with email marketing because it’s one that’s considered the best in marketing methods. With 77% of marketers saying email marketing is one of their most valued digital marketing channels, most people in the world have at least one email account.

Many of us, whether it be a personal or work email, will likely access that account several times a day. This gives those marketing to the individual, more chance of having them see the email and engage with whatever content is being provided.

The same can be said for social media, with 73% of marketers thinking social media is ‘somewhat effective’ or ‘very effective’ in their content marketing strategy. Social media has grown considerably over the years and with additional benefits like influencer marketing, lots of businesses use these platforms to interact, promote and share with their target audience.

Perhaps what makes both these marketing methods so effective is the ease with which they can be accessed by the user. The content that’s sent or published by the brand and business is effectively landing their digital laps to see without any effort needed on the customer’s part.

7 ways to combine your social media and email marketing strategies

How do you approach combining the two marketing methods together? There are certainly plenty of methods to choose from, so we’ve picked out some of the best and possibly most effective ways to combine them both to make high ROI strategies for your business in 2022.

  1. Use the power of regram to re-share content through emails.

Resharing content is a highly popular and effective way of getting more engagement with your content. With social media, we’re seeing a lot more brands resharing viral content and content that they feel would benefit their own followers.

The same can be done with re-sharing content that was popular on your social media platforms, through your emails. You can learn easily how to regram and these posts can easily be shared through your email marketing efforts to help provide further engagement.

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The more cross-channel promoting you can do will help the algorithms see your content as being more worthwhile to share to your customer’s feeds.

  1. Gather email subscriptions through social media platforms.

Social media follows are great but it’s email subscriptions that provide that extra engagement. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to use social media platforms to gather email subscribers and to encourage any followers you have, to subscribe to this other marketing communication.

There are lots of social media post templates that you can use to generate leads, like Twitter for example. This platform helps you easily configure templates to entice more subscribers through Twitter’s automatic auto-fill function. By making it easier to fill in the forms, more users are likely to follow through with subscribing, rather than just clicking off it.

You could add links within your bio or use a platform like Linktree to combine all of the relevant links to your including a ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ button. These can go easily within the profile of your Instagram or on your Tiktok bio. For video content on YouTube, you can link to other videos or externally to sites or platforms you own.

  1. Utilize the power of user-generated content.

User-generated content has become widely used by a lot of marketers because for the most part, it’s free to utilize. All you’ll need to do to use this content is to ask for permission! For customers or anyone that knows your brand, it’s an opportunity to boost their own social media accounts and to feel involved more with the brand online.


When you’re selling a service or product, having visual evidence of your customers going to help show it in action and generate organic engagement.

If you’ve not got a huge amount of user-generated content, interact with your users and ask for this sort of content through giveaways and contests. For example, by posting an image of the product in use, they could get several entries to the competition, giving them more chances of winning.

  1. Direct email subscribers to your social media platforms.

It’s important to keep your email subscribers as engaged as possible. One way to keep up your engagement is by directing them to your social media platforms. When it comes to your email marketing, you might not have enough content to cater to emails every day or week.

With that said, simply sharing an update on your social media or sharing your social media platforms regularly can help convert more of your email subscribers to social media followers.

If you’re not active enough with email marketing, you’ll likely see more of your subscribers unsubscribing due to the lack of communication.

  1. Reach new users for email subscriptions through Facebook and LinkedIn.

There are plenty of social media platforms that can benefit the number of email subscriptions you acquire. These include popular platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Users may need to engage with a brand several times before they end up subscribing, which is why it’s important to try and target users through other channels to keep connected and to keep your brand in their thoughts more so than before.

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Creating private groups on Facebook and LinkedIn can also prove useful because it gives the users who join, more value in what they receive than what they’d get through public feeds. From free white papers, and discounts to products and guides, for example, there’s a lot you can give these users to draw them in and hopefully enable them to subscribe to your emails.

  1. Create weekly or monthly digests to share web blog content.

Let’s be honest, not everyone is going to see your content immediately once it’s posted. Particularly, when it comes to your website’s blog content. An active subscriber to your content may go days or weeks without checking in on your site. With that in mind, you might want to utilize your email marketing by creating weekly or monthly digests.

These occasional emails can provide all of the recent or most-engaged posts that could do with an additional boost. They’re highly effective because they bring all of the content to the user’s view on one page, rather than having to scour through your website’s backlog of content.

The last thing a customer wants to miss out on is a helpful guide or product launch post through your website. Try to keep up with these digests and include anything and everything you think is relevant to your readers.

  1. Segment your email subscribers in relation to the social media channels they’re most engaged with.

When it comes to your social media followers making their way over to your newsletter subscriber list, it’s always useful to segment them. You’re not going to get the same customer personas with every single subscriber.


For example, you may have a subscriber who enjoys browsing Instagram and Tiktok. Others might prefer the more formal/professional platforms like LinkedIn when it comes to social media.

By understanding where your subscribers have subscribed from, you can segment them in order to tailor your content more effectively.

Combine your social media and email marketing in 2022

Both your social media and email subscribers can be used together to create marketing methods that engage with your customers further. They can also be used to help cross-promote and encourage users on social media to subscribe to your emails and vice versa.

Make sure you’re utilizing the power of the two by combining them together within your marketing strategy for 2022 and beyond.