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7 Undeniable Benefits of Outsourcing IT in 2019

7 Undeniable Benefits of Outsourcing IT in 2019

Vallery Henings

August 21, 2019 (modified on August 22, 2019)


Last year, global outsourcing services achieved a global market value of $85.6 billion.

We’re here to convince you! Here are the top ways outsourcing IT can benefit you.

1. Reduces Labor Costs

Did you know that an entire team of IT experts can cost less than one full-time executive at your company? After all, you aren’t just saving on salary. You’re also saving on training costs, equipment, and more!

Saving Money

And you’ll often get better employees. You’re searching a global talent pool, not just one located nearby. That makes it easy to find the talent you’re looking for at the right price.

2. Lets You Focus on Your Core Business

When outsourcing IT, it frees up your time and energy to focus more on your core business. The outsourcing company will manage the IT team. That frees you to focus on managing your in-house employees.


And by delegating these duties, you don’t need your employees to double up and take care of IT tasks. This saves everyone time and energy and lets them focus on the work that makes your business money.

3. Gives More Control Over IT Costs

Not only does outsourcing IT save you money, but it can also help you keep to your budget. If you need more IT services during your busier months, you can increase them temporarily. This is particularly beneficial for cyclical businesses.

Additionally, if you want to keep things the same, you can set a monthly fee. The company will help you get the IT processes you need in the budget you have available.


4. Helps Reduce Risks

Outsourcing IT also reduces risks to your business. For example, security risk assessment companies ensure your business is safe from threats. These outsourced companies usually have extensive experience and may uncover unexpected risks.

The outsourcing company also automates updating, backups, patches, and more. So you always know that your IT security is up to date and functional.

5. Helps You Implement New Technology

Implementing new technology in-house can be expensive. But outsourced companies often have the newest technologies available to them.


And when adding new technology, they have the prowess to make the process quick and efficient. The same process in-house could take substantially more time and effort.

6. Improves IT Efficiency

You can try to have an in-house IT team do it all. But there’s going to be a considerable increase in cost, time, and development required. An outsourced company knows how to delegate each task to a different sector of their team.

And with the latest technology, you should be able to run at top speed. Having a team of experts also means less downtime due to potential security threats.

7. Lets Small Businesses Compete

Small businesses often can’t afford the same quality of IT services as bigger companies. By outsourcing, you can have the same high quality IT services when your business is starting out. And since you don’t have to create the infrastructure, it’s easier to scale as quickly as you need.


You’ll also get expertise that might not be available in your area. The talent pool may be small nearby, but with a global outsourcing market, the options are infinite.

Consider Outsourcing IT Today!

Now you know the benefits of outsourcing IT, so get out there and hire a company today! Looking for more tech business tips? Remember to check our blog daily for the most up-to-date advice on running your web business!