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5 Steps to Creating an E-Sports Website Using WordPress

5 Steps to Creating an E-Sports Website Using WordPress

Ivan Jurisic

May 2, 2024


E-sports has grown impressively these past years. At 1.72 billion in 2023, its market is at an all-time high—and is expected to keep rising. One reason for this is that more and more e-sports fans keep coming up out of nowhere. By 2025, there will expectedly be more than 640 million fans! That’s why many people want to create their own e-sports websites, to build new communities for these fans.

If you’re one of these people who want to create e-sports websites, you may consider using WordPress. It is designed to manage all kinds of websites. This article will highlight five steps to creating an e-sports website on WordPress.

Before we get into it, note that you need a domain name and a hosting platform, as these are your site’s address and server space, respectively. When these have been settled, you need to install WordPress and log in to your dashboard. The steps below will guide you the rest of the way.

Setting the Stage: Choosing the Right Theme

Website Design

Beauty is important when choosing a theme for your website. This will make the website attractive to viewers. But there’s no good in having a beautiful theme that confuses the viewers. The theme you choose goes a long way in determining viewers’ experience. Beyond beauty, you need to choose a theme that your viewers can navigate easily.

You can take a cue from online casinos. Some of them—like Bitcoin games casinos, for example—have really mastered the art of creating exciting themes that allow users to have a thoroughly enjoyable time. Their use of bright colors, bold graphics, and seamless animations sets the bar high for a truly engaging digital experience. If you want your site’s visitors to have as much fun on your e-sport website as they do on Bitcoin games casinos, then you should let their themes inspire you when selecting yours.

Otherwise, you can look for themes that are specifically designed for the e-sports niche. These can save you a lot of extra stress, as they often come pre-loaded with features you need to run an e-sports website, like tournament management tools, live streaming integration, player profile pages, and so on.

Set Up A SportsPress Plugin

Plugins enhance your website with features that make it easier for your viewers to navigate it. For an e-sports website, one of the ones you absolutely need is SportsPress.

This is an amazing plugin tool specifically designed to manage sports-related content. With it, you can create and manage tournaments and teams as you wish. It works well with third-party services like social media platforms, meaning you can upload media from these platforms easily into your website.

Setting up SportsPress is pretty straightforward. You just need to log in to your WordPress admin page and go to the Plugins menu. Once there, click Add New; this will take you to a search field where you can search for SportsPress. From there, you can install and activate the plugin.

Once this is done, you can start using SportsPress!

Create Your Homepage

Your homepage is like your front door. It is visitors’ first point of contact with your website. What this means for website owners is that the homepage should put what your website is all about in full display.

Like your theme, your homepage should be beautiful, but it must also be informative. This does not mean you should bombard your visitors with all the information all at once, however. You should design your homepage in a way that leads the eye naturally and smoothly to what you want visitors to see.

You can incorporate a prominent section that highlights your site’s most important content, such as tournaments, live streams, or recent blog posts. This way, your visitors will get immediate access to the information they are most interested in.

Add Content

Now, it’s time to start populating your e-sports website with content. You don’t want to just upload content carelessly with no particular structure. This will make your site look unserious, discouraging visitors who are looking for something more professional.

Instead, create different pages dedicated to different categories, like games, tournaments, teams, and so on.

Also, use high-quality images, graphics, and videos, as this is a good way to make your content more engaging and keep viewers coming back.

Customize Your Site

Finally, you can add some finishing touches that will make your e-sport website truly stand out. You can explore customization options within your theme, such as color, font, and layout adjustments. These will make sure that your website fits your unique brand and vision.

Plugins are also a great way to customize your website. They can add new features and functions that you didn’t think were possible before. WordPress has tons of plugins. Start exploring today!