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What is the future of Apple TV+ when the streaming field is so busy?

What is the future of Apple TV+ when the streaming field is so busy?


May 7, 2024


When Apple first announced its plans to launch a new streaming service, everyone held their breath, being sure that something great was coming again from this tech giant. The beauty of the event was not the news itself but the people who delivered it. I remember the moment when Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon came to the stage and introduced their new series, The Morning Show. Oprah was another guest speaker who joined Apple TV+ from the first day with her “The Oprah Conversation”.

This was not long ago; Only 4 years have passed, and the streaming platform succeeded in adding new great titles and celebrity names to the catalog of their original movies and series, including the famous Ted Lasso and Oscar-winner CODA.

We can keep listing so many impressive things about Apple TV+ but it will be all about emotions and the attractiveness of the platform. However, the business world is different and may be full of challenging aspects. And it is. If Disney has several sub-platforms like National Geographic and Hulu, Netflix went even further, enhancing its strategy from movie streaming to game development. Well, how is Apple TV+ doing after all, even though it has the most impressive casts being a part of their movies and shows?

Online Gaming Challenges the Most, and Netflix Knew That

The efforts that Netflix put in the video game development field, probably haven’t paid off yet for two main reasons: First, subscribers need more time to get adapted to the fact that their favorite streaming platform is no longer just a streaming platform; Second, not many people use their smartphones for the Netflix-and-chill time, preferring large screens and soon already – VR headsets. Unfortunately for Netflix, its gaming offers are only for mobile users.

With this being said, streaming services that eventually get into gaming may see some benefits in the long, but that’s a difficult task, given the growing number of professional gaming and gambling websites.

Since the advent of online gaming offers, the transformation of traditional gambling platforms has taken place, leading to a new trend among gamers most of whom today prefer online gaming over attending physical amenities. Hence, if we talk about the American market, online casino USA offers are growing year after year, positioning themselves as attractive alternatives to casinos and, guess what, other gaming options, like video games.

Can this challenge blow away the strategies of Netflix and other similar companies? Probably. If something like that happens, Apple TV+, which relies solely on its Original production, will come out stronger.

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Original Content: Apple TV+’s Ace in the Hole

While Netflix scrambles with game development and others dabble in expanding with sub-platforms, Apple TV+ has a laser-like focus: Original content. Remember those stunning events at launch? Turns out that wasn’t just a trick to attract future subscribers, and they’re determined to make every release feel like a prestigious event, like the kind you’d expect for a major motion picture. This strategy gives them a certain edge – when a new Apple series pops up, you know it’ll have high production value, a captivating storyline, and some recognizable names attached.

They’re not just blowing smoke either! Case in point: ‘Ted Lasso’. This quirky series about an American football coach brought to the UK won a whopping 20 Primetime Emmy Awards, a record-breaker for a freshman comedy. And don’t forget about CODA; not only did it bring home an Oscar, it was the first streaming-service film ever to take Best Picture. Talk about prestige!

They’re selling an experience, not just a backlog of shows to mindlessly binge-watch. Apple TV+ understands that quality over quantity is a powerful strategy in today’s saturated streaming market. They’re curating a collection of prestige shows that are designed to be talked about, shared, and savored, rather than simply another show to tick off your list.

Can Quality Surpass Quantity?

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So, here’s the million-dollar question: can Apple TV+’s focus on top-tier content keep up with behemoths like Netflix or Disney? The answer, like any good series, is complex. While Apple’s originals pack a punch, there are simply fewer of them compared to other platforms.

Consider this: Netflix released over 1500 original shows and movies in 2022 alone, although in 2023 it decreased the number by 130 titles. Apple TV+, while featuring some serious hits, has a much smaller catalog. This approach keeps subscribers engaged with Netflix’s super-rich options, navigating from movie to movie, sometimes even not watching the whole movie. Only the fact that there’s always something fresh to discover, makes the viewers “addicted” to Netflix. But there’s a flip side to this, and the choice overload can be exhausting, and sometimes you just want the guarantee of a quality experience. That’s where Apple TV+ steps in.

They know they can’t compete with volume, so they’ve chosen to take the opposite approach: curate a smaller collection of exceptional shows. According to industry data, this strategy might be rewarding, given that subscriber acquisition and retention rates for Apple TV+ in the last half of 2023 have reportedly shown surprising growth despite their limited content library.