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Top 6 Content Curation Tools in 2022: Meet the Criteria of Your Audience

Top 6 Content Curation Tools in 2022: Meet the Criteria of Your Audience

Damir Colo

January 27, 2022


Whether you use the online world for blogging, marketing your business, or developing a website, you have probably, at some point, run out of ideas about what content to publish. We know it can be frustrating. But to tell the truth, today, it is challenging to maintain our audience’s attention.

Many competitors are vying for the attention of the same or similar audience, but people have become more demanding and have high expectations.

For these reasons, a large number of people who are trying to build themselves or their business on the Internet take content from various websites, blogs, and the like. They are usually from the same business area and have the same interests.

This process is better known as content curation. In this way, they solve the problem of a lack of inspiration by meeting the audience’s criteria.

It is important to note, however, that by giving credit to the original creator, you have the opportunity to gain completely new readers, customers, or followers. Simply put, you’re increasing your network!

Of course, it is not always easy to find the right content for you. But we have good news! Some tools make your job much easier. You need to keep reading and find out the top 6 best content curation tools.

1. Curata


With its’ proven history in content curation, Curata established itself as a perfect tool to help with sharing the most relevant and helpful content. Their 3-step-process simplifies the way content curation works. Find, Curate, Share, and that’s it.

Curata scours through hundreds of thousands of sources meanwhile continuously learning and adapting to your content preferences. The recommendation engine then suggests the content and prioritizes it by relevancy.

Prioritized suggestion helps you with further actions such as organizing and annotating content to engage your audience. Sharing your curated content is as simple as a single click. Customized schedules and automated posting are available, ensuring that content is published even when not present.


  • Discover Fresh Content,
  • Social Media Sourcing,
  • Curate on the fly,
  • Built-In Site & Blog,
  • CMS Integrations,
  • Email Newsletters,
  • Content Enrichment,
  • Trending Topics for SEO Boost, etc.

2. Feedly


Powered with an AI research assistant, Feedly provides what’s important to you. To accomplish this, you instruct “Leo” on what to provide. The insights from social media, news sites, or blogs are flagged based on your preferences.

Using RSS feeds, Feedly allows you to organize all of your favorite sources in one place, set the priorities, and filter out irrelevant content.

You can organize, curate, and share the insights as a team so that everyone is up to speed on the same content.

3. Pocket


If you’re looking to improve your experience on the internet, Pocket is the right tool for you. It allows you to save and organize your favorite news across the web, meanwhile discovering much new content during the process.

Pocket has a great feature in the form of a web browser plugin that allows you to tag and save content on the fly. Regain control over what you see on the internet and find the content worth your time.


Searching through websites for relevant content can be time-consuming. What if you could type in your topic of interest and have curated content delivered to you? That’s just what the does. will provide the relevant articles based on your interest, and even suggest relevant topics. It integrates easily with WordPress and creates content for multiple channels such as websites or social media.

5. Quuu


If the idea of machine-learning content generation does not light a spark in you, Quuu is your go-to tool for content curation. Quuu is the only tool that utilizes human-powered content curation with the help of AI.

This tool combines videos, podcasts, blogs, and presentations from over 500 categories. Quuu will send the relevant content for you daily and even provides an auto-pilot feature to post automatically for you. Also, Quuu will find additional content from RSS feeds for you if that isn’t enough.

6. UpContent


UpContent is a great tool used in digital marketing campaigns to help convert the lead into a customer. Your audience drives what the UpContent will crawl for on the internet. Once the tool finds the content, you can filter it based on your preferences.

Team collaboration is available by making notes on the content, making it easier to share the right one for your audience. Finally, you can convert your readers to understand the effort of your content curation.


We believe that you want to stand out among countless competitors and take control of this scene.

Start with this great strategy called content curation. And let’s not forget that you are immediately in the lead now that you are familiar with this list of the best tools.