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The Rise of E-sports and the Job Opportunities That It Created

The Rise of E-sports and the Job Opportunities That It Created

Adnan Mujic

April 5, 2024


The rise of esports has been a defining trend of the digital entertainment era. It has transformed video gaming from a casual pastime into a global phenomenon with substantial economic impact and career opportunities.

The transformation is fueled by the convergence of gaming, media, pop culture, and commerce, alongside significant investment influxes, fostering a vibrant ecosystem around competitive gaming​​.


The Economic and Cultural Catalyst

Initially regarded as a niche interest, esports has ascended to the forefront of digital culture, attracting investments from high-profile figures and brands, indicating its increasing influence and potential​​.

The involvement of celebrities and sports figures, such as Michael Jordan‘s investment in Team Liquid’s parent company, aXiomatic Gaming, underscores esports’ transition into the mainstream. These developments have elevated the sector’s visibility and spurred infrastructure growth, including state-of-the-art arenas and professional training facilities, enhancing the esports landscape​.

Community and Technology: The Pillars of Growth

At its core, esports thrives on community engagement and technological advancements. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube have revolutionized how fans interact with esports, facilitating direct access to live events and fostering global communities.

The digital accessibility is crucial for esports’ exponential growth, allowing it to tap into a diverse and widespread audience​​. The industry’s adaptability and integration with current trends and technologies further propel its growth, reflecting its dynamic and evolving nature​.

Job Creation and the Esports Ecosystem

The expansion of esports has led to an impressive surge in job creation within the industry. From 2019, esports jobs saw an 87% annual growth rate, highlighting the sector’s rapid development and the diversifying range of career paths it offers.

Business development roles, in particular, have shown substantial growth, with esports education emerging as a critical area for cultivating future talent​.

Gaming as a Profession: A Lucrative Career Path

Pursuing a career in professional gaming has become increasingly viable, thanks to the substantial financial rewards on offer. Success stories of top esports athletes, like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, who have earned millions through prize money, sponsorships, and content creation, exemplify the lucrative potential of a career in gaming. The allure of such success has inspired countless individuals to consider esports as a serious professional path​.

Significant investments from celebrities and well-known brands have further bolstered the industry’s legitimacy and financial viability. For example, Drake’s co-ownership of 100 Thieves highlight the increasing acceptance and financial commitment to esports from outside the gaming world​.

Beyond Gaming: A Spectrum of Professional Opportunities

The exponential growth of esports tournaments and the industry’s burgeoning ecosystem have paved the way for many professional roles beyond being a gamer.

The infrastructure required to support competitive gaming, from event organization to content production, has created a demand for a wide array of skill sets and job titles.

The Emergence of Esports Betting

Alongside the economic and professional growth spurred by the esports industry, the esports betting market has seen a significant uptick, broadening the opportunities created by esports. By 2022, the global esports betting market was valued at an impressive USD 682.63 million, illustrating the growing interest and investment in this area.

The surge reflects the growing mainstream acceptance of esports and the enthusiasm of fans looking to engage more deeply with their favorite games and teams. For fans interested in placing bets, the ESPN BET promo code offers an accessible entry point into esports betting,

Technical and Creative Roles

Esports tournaments rely on a complex blend of technical expertise and creative talent to deliver immersive experiences to audiences worldwide. This has led to increased demand for production managers, camera operators, audio/visual technicians, and producers, who play critical roles in bringing live events to fans.

Additionally, the content surrounding esports, from promotional materials to player narratives, necessitates a team of content writers, graphic designers, and social media managers to engage the community and amplify the reach of events​.


Psychological and Supportive Careers

The competitive nature of professional gaming underscores the importance of mental and physical well-being, leading to job opportunities for psychologists, coaches, and health professionals within the industry.


The rise of esports is reshaping entertainment, creating jobs, and bringing gaming into the spotlight. With big names investing and the industry growing fast, there are now many kinds of jobs in esports, not just for gamers but also for those interested in technology, creativity, and even health. Plus, with esports betting growing, fans have new ways to join in. This is an exciting time for esports, showing it’s more than just playing games; it’s about community, careers, and the future of entertainment.