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Streamline Your Sales Pipeline with eSign API

Streamline Your Sales Pipeline with eSign API

Adnan Mujic

April 26, 2024


Salespeople need tools that reduce the elapsed time between finding a potential client and signing a deal. One such tool is an eSignature solution, which automates document signing.

Anyone can learn how to create digital signatures in PDF files or add multiple signers to a single file, speeding things up in the sales pipeline. When signing becomes more efficient, deals close faster.

In this article, we’ll explore how sales teams can factor in eSignature API pricing into their sales pipeline.


How does eSign API work?

Lumin Sign’s API is a user-friendly electronic signature system you can embed on your company’s website or application. It offers electronic signing functionalities through an API, which allows you to insert signatures in PDFs or embed other fillable fields.

Software developers set up APIs to allow two distinct programs to communicate with each other via requests and responses. Here is how it works:

  • The user initiates the “request” via an app or website.
  • This request gets to the server of a third-party application (in this case, an eSignature app).
  • The app provides the “response” containing the desired information to the server.
  • The server transmits the information to the requesting user.

In many countries, businesses can legally use an eSignature API to collect signatures and simplify transactions. An eCommerce company can capture client signatures on files directly from their website.

In addition to generating digital signatures, you can use the Lumin Sign solution to:

  1. Sign documents within the company website.
  2. Add fillable forms before they are sent out for signing.
  3. Download signed documents.
  4. Connect with cloud storage services.
  5. Enable advanced notifications to signers based on the sender’s request.
  6. Fulfill industry-specific compliance rules.

How can eSign API help your sales pipeline?

An eSignature API has become an essential tool in today’s office due to its ability to ease document signing across parties. In addition to ease of convenience, here are some reasons every sales team should get one.

Automates manual work

Most salespeople have to wait a long time to land a single deal. This includes the hours spent scheduling meetings, handling negotiations, and finally reaching an agreement.

Instead of reaching out to clients multiple times to get them to sign time-sensitive documents, you can schedule reminders to notify them at regular intervals.

And the most important part? You don’t have to print out multiple documents to send a copy to every signatory.

Speed up contract and document processing

Using an eSign API can significantly reduce your turnaround time by letting you invite multiple signers to the same file. This feature is critical when dealing with high-level, time-sensitive contracts and large amounts of paperwork.

As mentioned earlier, you can schedule reminders and set due dates to notify all parties involved automatically. The eSign API also lets you track the progress of your forms, whether they’ve been viewed, filled out, or signed.

Users can add a photograph of their written signature or draw an online PDF signature.

Strengthens sales compliance and security

As more businesses become digital, they must consider compliance and security concerns posed by state or regulatory agencies.

Lumin Sign’s API is compliant with GDPR and other compliance regulations, which means it follows several security guidelines to protect user data. Also, clients will not hesitate to sign documents on your platform if they know the eSignature solution you are using is compliant and secure.

Helps close deals faster

Another reason to include an eSignature solution in your toolbox is to save time. The primary productivity rule is to automate repetitive business aspects so you can focus on selling.

An eSign API can help salespeople close deals faster by streamlining negotiations and contract redlining. You can see the number of people who have signed documents, those awaiting approval, and rejected signatures.

Having a view of this information makes it easy for your sales team to nudge clients and follow up with the right company representatives in order to push deals to completion.

Easy to onboard (clients, prospects, and partners)

When working with multiple clients, you need an eSignature API they can use regardless of technical expertise.

With Lumin Sign’s API, your sales team can easily onboard prospects and partners without a steep learning curve. The interface is self-explanatory and intuitive. If you embed an eSign API on your website, your partners and prospects will feel more compelled to interact with it.

Subconsciously, this smooth onboarding process increases the probability of converting prospects, landing new clients, and retaining old partners.

Accessible from all devices

An eSign API is available on multiple devices, including your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Being able to insert electronic signatures in PDF documents from any device makes the sales cycle much faster.

Sales managers can also view the status of their contracts even when away from their workplace, so if things are not moving quickly, they can eliminate the cause of the delays.

Stay up to date with notifications

A great eSign tool notifies you of any updates or changes to documents. This is important for maintaining transparency in business deals and signals to the sales team to follow up as quickly as possible.

When you implement electronic signature APIs, your sales team can access a digital trail that shows the success of their efforts. They can find out when the request is denied, rejected, approved, or declined.

Sales API


Most sales teams perform poorly due to a lack of organization or cohesion. To improve collaboration within teams, you can set up tools like an eSign API to change how people interact with documents.

With an eSign API, you can eliminate paper while ensuring that the document reaches its intended recipient. Contracts and essential business documents can be signed within seconds and made readily accessible.

It also makes your records digital, which means they are accessible anywhere at any time. You get notifications on the progress of your files, and you can send reminders and due dates to the signer’s email.