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Startup Marketing Budget

Startup Marketing Budget

Adela Cizmo

January 14, 2023 (modified on January 12, 2023)


Marketing and sales for startups impose many challenges. Including the need to build demand, prove ROI, and a limited budget. So, it is crucial to be fully aware of your resources and your budget as a startup.

You have to understand how to use that information to make smart marketing decisions. If you are starting a company, it can be difficult to determine your budget for marketing, sales, and more. To calculate your budget and understand available funds, you must start by identifying your gross revenue.

When you solve this, you can maximize your spending keeping your marketing goals in mind. According to recent research, the average startup marketing budget is 11-20% of revenue.

When starting out you have to spend money to build brand awareness and start attracting customers. So, the overall budget ultimately depends on your plan and company.

You also have to keep your industry, niche, competition, and buyers in mind. All these elements can influence your sales and marketing budget. How do I build the perfect marketing and sales budget?

Choose the Platform

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When you identify your total revenue, you can start breaking down your costs. Just think about key elements that require spending when growing a business.

Also, keep in mind the resources you must provide to ensure growth and increase awareness. You can use a spreadsheet or template to collect and organize all important information in one place.

Use Technology and automation

Consider the technology you need to implement for marketing success and growing sales. This can include software to maintain and build products or marketing automation.

There are many services that automate basic marketing processes for you. This can benefit businesses with fewer resources.

Determine marketing goals and do research

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Determining your yearly marketing goals is highly beneficial for both sales and marketing. You need to use marketing to test demand, messages, and products in order to learn about your market before investing in big campaigns. Market research helps you discover your target audience.

You can implement questionnaires and surveys to carry out valuable research. It can be free or costly, but this way you will get to know your audience and their needs.

Production and ads

Keep in mind the expenses of what you need to create content, this can include photography, videos, and graphic design. You can also run paid ads, they can bring in new audiences but it is important to have an ad budget,


Think of your logo as the face of your company. It’s important to invest in great logo design and visual brand identity.

This includes your web design, business cards, and overall aesthetic. You can hire an agency or an in-house graphic designer.

Final Words

Building a business will always be expensive, but it is important to choose your expenses wisely and spend on what your business needs.

You can use many tools and software to optimize your budget and monitor analytics. This can help you identify weak areas in need of fixing and strong areas you should continue with.

Try to test each new marketing strategy before investing and build a budget designed to meet your goals. Keep your spending under control and avoid putting your company at risk with poor marketing decisions. Instead of seeing marketing costs as an expense, think of them as an investment.