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Longer Has Better Reach: The SEO Benefits of Long-Form Content

Longer Has Better Reach: The SEO Benefits of Long-Form Content


April 4, 2022 (modified on March 3, 2023)


When it comes to marketing your business online, you can pick from many options. One of the more consistent recommendations for all industries is search engine optimization or SEO.

On the surface, there is the recommendation that you post to your blog on a regular schedule to attract an audience. After that, though, you get into the issue of long-form content vs. short-form content.


Long-form content offers you meaningful SEO benefits. Keep reading for a deeper look.

SEO Content

Before digging into the long-form benefits, let’s look at SEO content and content creation. SEO content is content explicitly designed to boost your page rank.

That means that it uses best practices, like focusing on a primary keyword and using headers. It also means that it conforms with some content marketing best practices. For example, the content offers value and relevance to your audience.


When you pool all of that together, you get a piece of an SEO ranking strategy. With that out of the way, let’s see why long-form content is the way to go.

Building Authority

Long-form content lets you explore topics much more thoroughly than short-form content. That kind of comprehensive coverage lends your content some authority. It also encourages other sites to link to your content, which gives your site more power in the eyes of search engine algorithms.Ranking

More authority means better page ranks in search results.

Content Pillars

Your genuinely comprehensive coverage of a single topic serves as something called a content pillar. You can find content pillars examples on many sites.

By itself, a content pillar gets some love in terms of SEO. The real SEO benefit of the content pillar is that it lets you build out content clusters.

Content Pillar

Content clusters are a series of shorter posts on topics related to the content pillar that focus on slightly different keywords. So, let’s say you write a content pillar about making apple pie.

Some of your cluster topics could include:

  • Picking the right kinds of apples
  • Different spice variations for apple pie
  • Regional apple pie recipes
  • Pan selection for apple pies

All of those other closely related keywords help your site attract more visitors and look more authoritative to search engines.

Long-Form Content and Your Business

Short-form content has one key advantage over long-form content. It’s easier to write. You give up the SEO benefits when you take that route.

Long-form content lets you demonstrate your mastery of the subject matter. That gives you a kind of authority in the eyes of readers. It also helps you establish dominance online since your post becomes one that people link to when they discuss the subject.

The more the better

Long-form content also lets you build content clusters, which help boost traffic and search engine rank.

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