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Top 5 ‘Mom Blog’ Themes For WordPress That Will Make Your Blog Stand Out

Top 5 ‘Mom Blog’ Themes For WordPress That Will Make Your Blog Stand Out

Amina Camdzic

November 9, 2021 (modified on February 21, 2022)


‘Mom Blog’ refers to a blog about family and motherhood. Mothers who aim to share their experiences and stories with other women and mothers author these blogs. As for Mom Blog topics, one can write about children and motherhood in general, but the audience does not have to be exclusively mothers.

Mom bloggers are trendy globally and have a large audience of moms and women who want to explore tips from the world of motherhood. So, many mom bloggers live from their mom’s blogs since they bring them many benefits in the world. Starting from earnings to various collaborations with brands, etc.

Of course, for a quality blog, it takes a lot of effort to make everything well packaged and for the blog to succeed. The appropriate theme of the blog itself is crucial because, with the help of a good theme, you will be able to present the desired things in the best and fastest way possible.

Below we will choose the five best themes that will surely fit perfectly with Mom Blog.

1. Blossom Mommy Blog

Blossom Mommy Blog

Blossom Mommy Blog is a beautiful theme that will help any mom who wants to create beautiful and inspiring stories in a mom blog. A lovely, feminine, and clean theme brimming with modern and functional features will look great on any device.

Given the many features within this theme, we will list just a few:

  • Quickly change the theme color;
  • Mobile-friendly;
  • 600+ Google fonts;
  • 2 home page layout & 2 slider layout;
  • Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest Widgets;
  • SEO Optimized;
  • 20 Custom Widgets and much more.

Both free and pro versions are available.

2. Modern Housewife

Modern Housewife

Modern Housewife is another outstanding theme for telling stories and information about motherhood and family on the mom blog. Beautiful colors, the style itself, and the numerous possibilities within it are all compelling reasons to give it a shot and see what this theme has to offer.

Just some of the features located within the Modern Housewife theme:

  • Modern and professional design,
  • Robust framework,
  • Quick and easy installation,
  • Professional support,
  • 100% responsiveness & mobile-friendly theme,
  • Flexible layout options,
  • 20+ post animations,
  • Customizable blog feed,
  • Google Fonts,
  • Regular updates,
  • Compatibilities

3. Happy Baby

Happy Baby

Happy Baby is a cute theme that will not only complete every story about babies with their appearance. But also, the characteristics it possesses will indeed justify everyone’s expectations. Namely, this theme somehow fits so well into every story about babies and small children, so it is an ideal choice for a mom blog theme.

It is compatible with a wide range of plugins and is designed to look good on all devices. In addition to a straightforward and fast installation, some of the other features of this theme include:

  • Easy customization,
  • It does not require coding,
  • SEO optimized,
  • Google fonts,
  • Easy automatic updates, etc.

4. Mamita


Starting from pregnancy itself, childbirth, and motherhood in general to everything that is in any way related to these conditions. All of that can be presented in a beautiful blog using the Mamita theme.

This theme is something you should consider when it comes to the mom blog. In addition to the beautiful colors and designs it offers, many features put this theme on the list of those you need to keep in mind when creating a mom blog.

These are just some of the many features that this theme abounds in:

  • Professional design,
  • Possibility of superior customization using the available elements for the best visual look,
  • 100% responsiveness,
  • Mobile-friendly,
  • Regular updates,
  • Professional support

5. Feminine Style

Feminine Style

As with the mom blog, the mom is the one who speaks, and the audience is primarily female. You will not go wrong with this theme. It is simply appealing to women because it reflects feminism. So, this theme will contribute to the appeal of your blog to other moms and women.

Feminine Style is a responsive theme, and we have to point out that you will be able to display this theme on any device. Also, this theme works great with specific plugins. There are customization options, too, so you can customize the theme’s look to your liking, all in an effortless way.


Considering the mentioned themes from this article and their attractive characteristics, we can see how many possibilities there are for having the best possible blog.

The use of a suitable theme is of great importance. It is, no matter what niche and blog topic are.

Suppose you are determined to provide your audience with a quality and informative blog while making the whole process easier and shorter for yourself. In that case, one of the beautiful WordPress themes for mom blogs chosen in this article will, indeed, inspire you.