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The best & most reliable WordPress plugins Review: Locate Different Geolocatios Online Review: Locate Different Geolocatios Online

Milica Brborovic

August 19, 2021 (modified on August 25, 2021)


Are you looking for an IP Geolocation that allows users to provide their location? Or do you want to locate users’ geolocation using the internet? No problem. With, you can get both.

Put the domain of a website in the search field. You will get information about the IP address, continent, county, city, timezone, and other helpful information related to geolocation.

What Is a Geolocation API Service?

You can determine a user’s location by IP address. Simplest and one of the most common ways to get this is using the IP geolocation API services. Those services can select the exact location using an IP address. With those excellent services, the process of determining the actual address is easy and quick. All you have to do is type in the IP address or domain, and you will get all additional information related to the geolocation.

Probably you are asking why we should do that and what advantages they provide? Let us tell you some of them. For example, let’s imagine one situation. You have an online shop with different products. One day you come up with ideas to sell bathing suits as well. The sales are not going very well, but you are not sure what the main reason is.

Pins in map

That’s where IP geolocation API services come in and help you realize that your visitors are mainly from North Canada. The climate of this region is primarily cold, with short warm summers and long fright winters. The bathing suits don’t fit here, you will agree. You don’t have to spend more money on google ads because now you are aware of the location of your website visitors.

After tracking visitor’s locations, you will offer them products that are popular in this place. As you can see, IP geolocation API services play a massive role in improving marketing strategy.

What Is an API Service?

For a better understanding, let’s first explain what an API service is. The API service is an application program interface that enables applications to talk to each other. You are sending the request, and the API delivers your request to the provider and back response to you.

However, the great thing about using this service to determine geolocation is that users will not know that the website determines its location.

When we know how those services work and why it is necessary to use them, let’s talk about

What Is is an IP Geolocation API service that customizes content based on a visitor’s location. This service is straightforward to integrate and relatively simple to use as well. Also, this service will send a response to your request quickly.

Additionally, with, it doesn’t matter if you prefer smaller or more significant projects. This service fits perfectly into small projects, as well as the big ones.

Also, it’s affordable too because the price for 10.000 requests per month is free. It means that you can test the service before you pay for it. That is very important if you are about to start with your project, and you are not willing to spend too much money.

Why Do Developers Use

Let’s talk a little bit more about the advantages of this service. The service has a lot of benefits that thousands of developers enjoy.

1. Fast

Nobody likes to waste time with slow tools. We all get annoyed if we need to wait more than two or three seconds for some information. Fortunately, those problems don’t affect people who browse websites that use

Besides the excellent speed, this service provides security and reliability as well. Response to your request comes quickly, no matter where you are.

2. Simple and Powerful

If people don’t like slow services, then they are certainly not interested in complicated tools.

This service is both simple to use and has a powerful functional API interface. Also, it doesn’t require any registration. You can use their IP location API right now without any complex steps.

3. Exact Data

This feature allows you to get the exact location data for every API request. Also, this will even work if your data is updated. You wonder how? Let us explain it further to you; because the service has embedded a self-learning neural network that updates databases in real-time.

4. Multilingual Response

Another proof that this is a worldwide service is a multilingual response. This IP service supports different languages. There are also multiple languages available on this site. languages

As you can see, you are not limited to just one language.

5. Free for Novice Webmasters

If you don’t have more than 10.000 requests per month, you can use for free. So, we could say that the service saves you money as well.

Don’t worry if the number of your requests is more than 10.000 because you will be allowed to choose one of the pricing plans that best suits your website.

6. Security

The last but not most minor advantage of is security too. This service will send all your data and process directly to the servers protected by the HTTPS protocol. However, it is essential to mention that this doesn’t include a free plan.

Main Features

Content Personalization

Using, you can personalize websites content based on geolocation. It can help your marketing strategy a lot. Targeting an audience based on the location of the consumers is very often.

Also, you can redirect visitors to the website in their language. That can increase the user experience and improve the traffic of your website.

Also, the time zone is another crucial piece of information. With this service, you can show the time zone in a format familiar to your visitors.

Additionally, there is one more fantastic feature. We all know that Conversion rate is one of the best indicators of your campaigns. You can increase it by displaying prices on local currency on your website. Yes, the provides that as well.


All documentation is available on the website, and you can approach it any time you want. However, we’ve already mentioned that this service is straightforward to use and highly user-friendly. One of the most significant proofs of that is this documentation.

When you open websites documentation, you will see different code examples, and all of them you can integrate into the code of your website. This feature makes the service highly user-friendly. code examples

As regards data formats, you can switch from JSON, XML, and SCV. When you choose the data format, you will see the code example above. Also, when you pick up the code and paste it into your script, you can change the option.

Updates and Security

You don’t have to do regular updates because the makes sure to deliver near-real-time updates. It means that the database is updated almost in real-time. The average server response time is about 90 milliseconds. That is one more reason why it’s one of the best API services.

As regards security, all data sent is secured via 256-bit SSL encryption. The exception of this is only a free pricing plan.


Due to the price, you can choose few plans.

Firstly we have to mention the free rate. This plan is available to customers that make less than 10.000 requests per month.

On the other hand, if you need more than 10.000 requests per month, you can also choose one from the three paid plans.

The first is PRO, with a price of $10.99 per month. Besides the 250.000 requests per month, the plan also offers additional options such as technical support and SSL access.

The second one is the most famous BUSINESS plan from $29.99 per month with up to 2.000.000 requests per month.

And the third one submits up to 10.000.000 requests per month and costs $79.99.


Geolocation API services are powerful tools that can determine the user’s location. Most of those services are made to be user-friendly and easy to use.

However, the fantastic advantage is that you don’t have to be a programmer to get the user’s location using an IP address.

Using these services, you can save time and get results quickly. is one of the best presenters of all the characteristics mentioned above. Also, it is easy to integrate into any website. You don’t have to worry if you are not familiar with coding because the documentation is available and customized to everyone.

Fast, secure, simple to use, free for novice webmasters. These are some of the main features and reasons why you should choose this IP Geolocation API service.

Start and test the service for free and enjoy all features that the service offer for your website. And we promise you you will wonder where it was before, to improve your marketing strategies and much more, sooner.