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6 Effective Task Management Strategies for Modern-Day Project Managers

6 Effective Task Management Strategies for Modern-Day Project Managers

Admira Keric

March 7, 2022


Being a good project manager and doing all the tasks and at the same time performing the organization is not an easy job.

If this is your profession, we are sure you know what we are talking about. And if you are just planning to do this job, we recommend that you read this short article on what to do to make your project manager’s job successful.

As a project manager, your tasks will include:

·    organizing,

·    planning,

·    project implementation within clearly defined boundaries,

·    leading teams,

·    defining goals,

·    maintaining constant communication with partners,

·    and monitoring the project

These are tasks from the first to the last day until the implementation and closure of your project. It sounds quite challenging, but you have no reason to worry if you make the right plan and strategy to guide you.

As a project manager, task management strategies will assist and save you. Let us walk you through a few steps to make your daily tasks more manageable.

1. Delegate Duties and Roles

team meeting in office

Having a team of experts and professionals and a group of people who share the same goal and desire for success is a must of every organization and a successful project.

However, no matter how good the team is and how strong the desire is, success is not guaranteed without the right plan and assignment of tasks. As a project manager, you must delegate tasks and responsibilities to each member of your team. Define and test the time frame required to complete each task.

From time to time, be prepared for stressful situations or specific problems on the way to the successful implementation of the project. Still, to reduce the pressure and make the team closer to a friendly environment, we recommend team-building activities and quality socializing.

2. Do the Hard Things First, and Avoid Doing Multiple Things at Once

Although we all know to leave the most difficult tasks for last, in this case, we recommend that you solve things in their proper order. And also, do not skip the more difficult ones. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” we also recommend the same.

At any time, you have an overview of what has been done so far in this correct order. Also, when working on multiple tasks simultaneously, mistakes are frequently made, so we recommend that you work on one task at a time and avoid multitasking. We have dedicated this step to minimizing mistakes and avoiding procrastination.

3. Define a Time Frame for Each Task and Communicate Openly and on Time With the Team

Man in shirt pointing at the laptop

As a project manager, you must define the time frame for the project’s completion and the completion of each task. It is critical to consider potential interferences and difficulties when calculating the time frame. Proper communication within the team is also crucial to the project’s success.

Clearly defining how much time each member has for the task, the difficulties, etc., will make your job much easier. That way, you have a clear overview of the state of the project, but you also avoid the game of blaming when things go wrong.

Indeed, collaboration and talking to team members often could be a golden rule for success. Listen to their task-related issues, frustrations, or suggestions. Use their feedback to improve future planning and organization.

4. Keep Track of Things and Consider the Risks

When following the flow and development of the things that make up a project, tasks that follow one another, think about the possible risks at the same time. Fear of failure is sometimes your best friend.

Considering potential risks, you are ready for all scenarios, and unexpected situations cannot surprise you.

5. Choose the Right Task Management Software

Girl in black top using macbook

Having the right tools is another significant segment of any project. We strongly advise you to select your software tools and solutions based on your needs and requirements.

Also, if necessary, try several possible solutions before deciding on the best one for you. By selecting the right tools and using them, you save valuable time and energy.

6. Take Advantage of Feedback and Appreciate It

Receiving honest feedback on what was done after the project was completed and receiving genuine feedback on your work from team members is critical in the following projects.

Although we have listed it last, this step is one of the most important in the whole process. You should take feedback into account and use all suggestions in the future. Also, give your feedback to each team member to benefit from it.


As a project manager, you will connect to each project because you give a part of yourself to each of them: your time, strength, energy, and effort.

Our advice is to plan ahead of time and be as organized as possible.

Also, walk bravely with faith in yourself and your team, regardless of the obstacles that may arise.