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5 Best Transcription Software Tools to Convert Audio to Text: Stop Missing Out and Provide Your Audience With Transcription Software

5 Best Transcription Software Tools to Convert Audio to Text: Stop Missing Out and Provide Your Audience With Transcription Software

Asmir Karailo

October 6, 2021


First, let’s cover up the basics. What exactly is transcription software? It is a tool that will help you convert your audio to text – simple as that.

Imagine sitting by the computer trying to listen to audio. But, at the same time, you are trying to write it into a text format – it is dull and time-consuming for sure. There is a much better way to spend that time than that.

These types of software are the best for anyone interested in vlogging, education, journalism, podcast, or anything similar. Especially vloggers and people who provide videos on social media. If you are not providing subtitles for your audience- you are missing out big time. Because there are many people with different preferences, someone may like to read instead of listening.

Not to mention that people with hearing problems or who are deaf benefit tons when there is a text version. That’s why now on TikTok, you have subtitles for almost any video because they cater to their audience.

1. Amberscript


The first software on our list is Amberscript. It is a tool used by many big companies such as Disney, Netflix, and Microsoft.

They will provide you with audio and video transcription with a very high accuracy, which you expect from a tool that works with these giant companies.

It has high accuracy because it has AI speech recognition that assures transforming videos and audio into a text format.

2. Transcribe


Transcribe is our second software on this list. With this one, you will turn any speech, lecture, interview, call or podcast into text without any problems. Also, the exciting fact is that Transcribe will enable you to do that in over 60 different languages that this tool provides.

If you provide it with a file with minimal background noise, you will be glad to know that it won’t take long to transcribe.

If that doesn’t work out for you, Transcribe offers you some other options too. You can always use the manual transcription mode and get the tack done like a pro. It has workflow tools that can slow down the audio or auto loop it if you want to.

3. oTranscribe


The third software that is on our list is oTranscribe. It is a free web application that will take the pain of transforming audio files into text without any problem.

With this one, you can rewind, pause or fast-forward. And, all that without any problem and navigate the audio file however you want. Also, to help you navigate much more accessible, you have interactive stamps!

You can also automatically save and private everything you do with this tool, so no worries about losing the files. Plus, you can export it to plain text, Google Docs or Markdown.

4. Express Scribe

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is our fourth trusted software on this list. This tool offers a free version and a PRO one, and it has everything that you need to transcribe audios without any issues.

With Express Scribe, you will spend minimal time in the process because it has pedal support and keyboard hotkeys, making life much easier.

It supports all kinds of formats, but it also supports encrypted dictation files and audio from a CD.

Besides, as soon as you finish the transcription, you can also make the software send it automatically to your client for you!

5. Descript


The last software that we present to you is Descript. Like any other software, it will provide you with excellent accuracy but with great collaboration options. You can use those options to top-notch your transcribe any way you like it.

Besides, Descript offers you auto-save and sync progress options. Also, sync files from your cloud storage without any hassle. And it has timestamps, speaker labels, and other customizing options that will help you every time.

You can also add premade transcriptions without paying a dime and use them with your media of choice.


In the end, we want to point out that you had a chance to see that using transcription software tools is not that scary.

Why spend time transforming audio to text the old-fashioned way when the software will do that for you.

It is practical and does the job done like a pro.