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The Best School Administration Software 2021: Make the Best Possible Organization of Everyday Tasks

The Best School Administration Software 2021: Make the Best Possible Organization of Everyday Tasks

Emir Smajovic

October 10, 2021 (modified on March 7, 2022)


Managing the school and all school activities is a challenging and arduous job. If you work in a school, you must monitor students’ academic progress and all business processes and procedures.

Also, you will have to carefully analyze all the data collected to get accurate information on what business processes need to be improved. And further, you will have to collect data on how to improve students’ academic progress. This process can be facilitated and accelerated by using some school administration software.

School Administration software is a tool used by educational institutions. However, it can even help you make the best possible organization of everyday tasks and automate many processes.

Below we will describe some of the best school administration software in 2021.

1. PowerVista RollCall


PowerVista RollCall is an advanced school management solution and can be used locally or in the cloud. With this tool, you can manage the complete profile of students. In addition to tracking the number of parameters such as finances, progress, level of education, this tool also offers online portals for staff, students, and other employees.

Within this tool, you will record attendance, tuition payment details, ID cards with pictures of students. Furthermore, it will even enable you to collect other important information about the student. Teachers can create a complex curriculum and monitor its implementation from start to finish.

If you want to try this tool, you can do so because there is a free trial. There is also a free version with limited features. The price of commercial software is USD 4000.00 / lifetime.

2. Alma


Alma is a cloud-based solution for managing schools and other educational institutions. It is very suitable for working with all types of institutions, from the smallest to the largest. It has some essential functions that help in managing school administration, process administration. Also, there is even an effective system for generating different types of reports.

One of the best options is the ability to create profiles for students. Teachers, parents, and students can access these profiles, and in this way, can monitor progress, learning, and class attendance. Furthermore, teachers can create advanced curricula and automate most processes using the school calendar.

Within this tool, educational institutions can communicate with students, parents, and staff via email, bulletin boards, group messages, or through one of the portals for parents and students.

However, if you like this tool and want to give it a shot, you will have to buy it. Alma does not have a free version. They have outstanding support via email and phone.

3. LifeCubby


LifeCubby is another cloud-based solution. It is intended for children, and they created it for early education programs. One of the essential options of this tool is communication with parents. Further, there is also the ability to track billing and payment processing and very advanced reporting.

However, the crucial fact is that this is a powerful tool that gives parents the ability to track the growth of their kids in school. And that is possible with the help of diaries, photos, videos, and other documents. You can track all changes in real-time, and you can be connected to teachers all day.

Also, we have to mention that this tool is not free. You can purchase services on a monthly subscription. There are apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices, and you can get great support anytime via live chat. All data is encrypted and compressed, and the level of data protection is very high.

4. Gradelink


GradeLink is a great cloud-based tool for managing educational institutions. Some of the most advanced options are managing student enrollment, generating all types of attendance reports. Further, tracking grades and attendance, and the ability to print all detailed reports. But besides that, you can also manage teachers, students, and parents can connect through one interface.

Gradelink has an excellent control panel where professors and administrators can view student data, view all grades, and attend and progress in learning and teaching. The price of this tool is not fixed and is charged annually per student. However, there are Android and iOS apps to make Gradelink available to parents at all times.

5. Sawyer


Sawyer is a great cloud-based solution created for camp management, and within this solution, it is possible to book camps, various events, and other educational activities.

The most advanced options of this tool are online registration, the possibility of online payment. A fantastic feature is that there is even a portal for parents and a portal for student management. Also, there is a Sawyer widget that allows camp owners to receive camp reservations on their website.

Furthermore, this tool also has a perfect system for sending messages internally, thus enabling communication between students, parents, and staff.

Prices of the service are available on request.


Managing business processes in educational institutions is an important and complex job.

Some programs will enable the automation of business processes and facilitate the execution of daily activities.

This text has described five school management tools that you can use in most institutions regardless of their size.

Also, a practical option of each of these tools is the ability to report in detail so the institution can know which business processes they have to improve. By using them, you will be able to raise the level of your business to a higher level.