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The Best Resume Builder Tools in 2022: Creating Outstanding Resume Was Never Easier

The Best Resume Builder Tools in 2022: Creating Outstanding Resume Was Never Easier

Maja Cizmic

January 4, 2022


Every person looking for a job or applying for a job needs a resume. Often this is reduced to black and white unprofessional resumes that do not represent you and your skills. Consider using the resume builder tools listed below to present your professional skills in the best light possible.

These tools can help you create a unique and personalized resume and stand out from other candidates. Many people would agree that certain factors to consider when selecting a resume builder, such as user interface, pricing, self-service, and design tools.

When applying for jobs, one of the essential aspects is writing a cover letter tailored to the position you are applying for.

1. Zety


Zety is one of the best resume builders on the market. While creating the resume, users are prompted with numerous resume tips and preloaded content. There are thousands of reviews online on this tool. What attracts users to this tool is its accessibility and brilliant templates.

One of the few drawbacks of this tool is the inability to add a photo to the resume. However, this does not negate the tool’s other benefits, such as resume wizards with built-in tips, personalization, and so on.

Zety is a paid tool and comes with a 14-day full access option at the price of $2.70 and a monthly subscription at $5.95/month or $71.40 for the whole year.

2. EnhanCV


EnhanCV stands out from the crowd of resume builder tools by providing excellent tools for creating resumes and cover letters with the possibility of collaboration with friends or colleagues.

This tool gives users a tool for creating visually appealing resumes and guides them through the process. It is quick and straightforward, and it provides all of the necessary information on a single page.

Some shortcomings of this tool are long intros before accessing the builder, career recommendations with paid versions, branding (watermark) on the documents with a free plan.

Pros of this tool are an unlimited free PDF download, collaboration with friends, €3 cashback for referring a friend, etc. You can use a free plan for 7 days, and a monthly subscription starts at €16.33/month.

3. Wozber


This free tool has very few drawbacks considering it is free to use. Also, it provides excellent value and a plethora of features. Although there is no pre-written content, there is an exciting feature that shows to what extent the resume complies with the job offer.

Templates can be unreliable at times, but most of them are pretty good. Wozber is concerned with content and quality. You can create unlimited resumes and cover letters, and there are no hidden costs or fees.

As we already said, the main pro of this tool is its price; it is completely free! Other cool features include saving progress, a tool for writing cover letters, and no branding/watermarks. Minor downsides include templates being pretty similar.

4. Resumonk


Resumonk is a simple tool with basic features; however, when compared to other tools, its functionalities and user interface appear dated. However, Resumonk has a distinguishing feature. It is General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) compliant and takes user data privacy rather seriously.

Also, we have to mention that there is no sharing, selling, or renting user data and information. There are 20 resume templates available. It is simple to use and comes with a cover letter builder included, a clear pricing strategy, etc.

To be honest, Resumonk has an outdated design, few features, and a watermark in the free plan. In terms of pricing, there is no automatic credit card charging. It comes with a free limited program or subscriptions starting from $29/month.

5. ResumeLab


With ResumeLab, users are offered more than 20 professional resume templates for creating a great resume and cover letter. The main selling point of this tool is its AI-driven document strength meter that scores resume against other resumes from ResumeLab.

Also, there is plenty of pre-written content available. Each template is customizable in terms of color, section order, etc. The list of advantages is lengthy, and it includes 20+ modifiable templates, an AI-based scoring system, and so on.

One of the few disadvantages of this tool is the inability to download the Microsoft Word resume template. ResumeLab offers 14-day full access for $2.70, and subscriptions start from $24.70/month.


To stay current in the world of job openings and applications, it is just not enough anymore to open Microsoft Word and write whatever resembles a resume. We have to do it professionally and accurately.

These above-mentioned tools provide you with professionalism, transforming your resume into a stunning, eye-catching document.

If you want to spend money to create your perfect resume or not, there are multiple options to fit anybody’s pocket. Good luck creating your resume and landing that job!