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4 Best Headline Analyzer Tools for Creating Eye-Catching Post Titles

4 Best Headline Analyzer Tools for Creating Eye-Catching Post Titles

Ivana Banić

April 9, 2021 (modified on February 13, 2024)


Headlines are powerful. Even though you may think that all it takes is good content, what’s good content worth if nobody clicks on it? Well, if your headline is bland and generic, that’s probably going to happen. The quality content you provided will remain unread. Still, you shouldn’t go overboard either.

So, how do you avoid being too dull or too flashy? An excellent way of doing something you’re unsure about in general is to get help from someone who knows how to do it. In this particular case, your best bet would probably be a headline analyzer.

These are tools specifically designed to test how well a headline is predicted to do once published. This can be of great help, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t exactly know what to do just yet. And even if you’re not a beginner, online trends change at rapid speeds, and no one person could possibly keep track of them all.

That’s why today, we’re bringing you a list of the best headline analyzer tools we could find.

1. ShareThrough Headline Analyzer

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

ShareThrough Headline Analyzer takes the first spot on our list today for two reasons; the first one being that it’s completely free, and the second, that it’s so simple and easy to use. This tool is well-loved by bloggers and writers because it doesn’t only provide you with a random number representing how compelling your headline is. Instead, it gives you info on why your rating is low or high. So, this way, you can actually learn how to write better headlines and get more clicks based solely on them.

Once you type in your headline, you’ll get a list of pros and cons as well as suggested areas of improvement. That way, you make sure to keep what’s good and add or change something in the areas that need improvement.

2. Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule

Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule

This one works much in the same way as our number one choice. So, if it’s between this and our first entry, both are completely fine. It’s all up to personal preference.

Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule scans your headline and gives you a full report on why it works and why it doesn’t. Yes, a full report.

This could be of great help to absolutely anyone, even if you’re a seasoned content creator. As we said, trends change all of the time, and you can’t possibly keep track of them all, but an AI database can. The only possible downside to this tool is that you have to create an account to get your report, but don’t worry, it’s free.

So, if you want a more comprehensive analysis of your headline, this tool is for you. If you want a quick list of tips and fixes, go for the first tool.

3. BlogAbout


BlogAbout is a bit different than the first two tools we recommended, and it doesn’t exactly do the same thing as them. The first thing you need to do when using this tool is type in what you want to blog about, in other words, the topic of your article. After that’s done, you’ll be asked to complete a few mock titles with keywords.

Once the process is complete, you’ll get a series of pre-made headlines that are known to work. And you can either take them as they are or tweak them to your liking and see if they’re just as effective after the changes.

This tool could be beneficial if your content is usually focused on a single niche, like digital marketing or SEO. You can easily burn out and have your headlines be indistinguishable from one another.

4. TitleGenerator offers an AI-powered service designed to craft unique and relevant titles for various texts. Ideal for bloggers, students, and professionals, it generates a range of title options based on user input, from brief ideas to full texts. The service aims to understand the essence of your content, providing titles that engage your target audience. With an intuitive interface, users can easily manage and save titles for future use. This tool serves as a collaborative partner in the writing process, enhancing content with well-suited, engaging titles. For more details, visit

5. Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

And the last spot on our list goes to Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor. It’s not much different from the other tools that found their place on this list. You type in a keyword and get catchy and effective headlines for your next post. However, unlike other tools, this one usually provides a whole heap of headlines.

We tested out this tool by typing in SEO, and the results came back with over 1000 possible headlines. That’s a pretty impressive number.

Another feature that sets this tool apart from others is that it offers a dropdown menu next to the keyword slot. The dropdown menu lets you better specify your keyword (is it a generic term, a brand name, an industry, etc.) to create a more effective and accurate headline.

Final Thoughts

The power of a good headline can’t be underestimated. It’s way more important than you might think.

So, check your headlines for efficiency with one of the tools recommended above, or just opt for having one generated for you. Either way works.

Just make sure that your headline is top-notch, or you will have wasted hours creating quality content people won’t get a chance to read.

Hopefully, you found our advice helpful and got what you came here looking for. Best of luck and happy blogging!