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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Paid Blog Hosting

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Paid Blog Hosting

Liana Simmons

March 14, 2019 (modified on January 15, 2021)


Businesses are designed to look for the most cost-effective solutions. This is why they will jump for any free solution that works. However, experts at custom writing service warn that these solutions are not always the best.

The Domain is Not Yours

The name of the host will affect your domain. This is not good for your business because people fail to identify you with this domain. The domain is a primary factor for online branding.

When the hostname comes before the name of your business, you lose a large part of your identity. This will affect your ranking and customer perception online. Customers looking for your authentic branding online will begin to doubt you. This results in lost business and poor SEO ranking.

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Difficult To Customize

Free hosting comes with limited and very basic options. The ability to customize your blog is greatly reduced. As a business, you need to customize the functionality and appearance of your blog. This is only possible when you have greater control of features on your website.

The challenge with free hosting is that it gives you a few options. These options are sometimes not even relevant to your needs or operations. With limited options, it becomes difficult to make money through the blog or its potential is limited.

SEO Potential Will Be Limited

E-commerce stores and blogs are highly reliant on SEO to generate organic traffic.

The domain is a part of the strategy to improve SEO ranking. With free hosting platforms denying you a preferred domain name, your SEO ranking will be compromised.

There are features like plugins and website infrastructure that add up to your SEO ranking campaign. It is these features that give you more money and traffic. If you need to generate more revenue through your blog, you need to control the features it has. This is only possible with good WordPress hosting.

It is Affordable To Pay For Hosting

The difference between paid and free hosting blogs is humongous. However, the price is unimaginably low. Most of the businesses will not require premium paid blogs. An ordinary paid package will offer more than the features you need for a start, and if ultra-fast connectivity, colocation, and impenetrable security match your requirements perfectly, 4D Data Centres is a service you should definitely check out. As the business grows, you will have the resources to pay for premium packages, some of which do not add as much value.

Helps You To Avoid Ads

The hosting is not as free as you are made to believe. You pay for it through ads that appear on your site. Since you have no control over what appears and how it appears, your visitors will have a terrible experience. This discourages them from visiting the website again. These ads will be generating the revenue that should be going to your account.

Work with web hosting specialists to help you pick a package that will meet your unique needs. Since this is an investment, you should be ready to make the most of it. Take all measures that will give you greater control of your site and help you generate desired revenue.