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5 Conversion-Increasing Content Ideas You Can Implement Today

5 Conversion-Increasing Content Ideas You Can Implement Today

Matej Milohnoja

July 18, 2019 (modified on June 8, 2020)


Every business produces content. Whether it be a blog post, a social media ad, or even a banner update to your website.

With every field being competitive nowadays, it’s not easy convincing and persuading people to buy from you.

That’s why below we’ve listed five simple ways you can create content that will help you increase your conversions so you can convert more traffic into sales.

1.   Leverage Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials build credibility and trust. If you have any positive reviews or any customer testimonials that could be used to support you, take it into consideration while building or revamping your website to bring you more customers.

They are effective at adding legitimacy and have a significant impact on the customer’s decision-making process because they provide social proof. They help new customers feel comfortable and confident with their decision to buy from your business.

In fact, 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know, as long it is a recommendation.

Housecall Pro’s website offers a whole page dedicated to reviews. They have also utilized the landing page for the same purpose.

On Housecall Pro’s landing page for window cleaning service providers, they’ve showcased a positive customer experience from the Housecall Pro mobile app. The testimonial demonstrated how easy it is to use Housecall Pro’s software app. It also highlighted that Housecall Pro’s customer support crew is quick to respond to any immediate queries.

2.   Develop a Unique Tone and Style

We know that businesses need to have a clear and recognizable brand voice. In fact, it’s an essential component of business communications.

But did you know you could also develop a unique tone?

The tone is ‘how’ you deliver your message. It’s how you express your business message and can vary depending on which channel and audience you are targeting. For example, on social media, you can have a more conversational and lively tone, than a formal press release.

You could also write in a specific style.

Style is how you write the content. Style dictates features such as paragraph structure, sentence length, and word selection. For example, if your target audience is a group of young startup founders, you want to make your style more friendly, informal and inviting.

Developing a unique tone and style will help boost conversions as your content will be more appealing to your target audience.

3.   Show, Don’t Tell

Today’s consumers are incredibly skeptical and don’t always trust what businesses have to say about themselves. So don’t tell them, but show them why your business is great!

What’s the difference between showing and telling?

Telling is when you mention that your company is the best at what they do. Showing is when you use powerful examples, a story, or statistics to convey your message.

Lendio shows consumers how their loans impact their customers through the use of statistics which reinforce trust and reliability.

4.   Get High-Profile Guests to Feature in Your Content

If you have a podcast, blog, or video content series, landing a high-profile guest can help you expand your network, increase traffic, and boost conversions.

That’s because people trust other people they already know.

If you can work with a recognizable face, it can dramatically increase your brand’s legitimacy and reputation.

Try to land guests for your podcast, or feature their quotes in your blog posts.  Cross promoting with other content creators, undergoing an email outreach campaign, and inviting guests with upcoming publications are a great way to work with a well-known figure.

5.   Target Mobile Users

Mobile is overtaking desktop usage.

Mobile Device Users

In 2018, 52.2% of all worldwide traffic was from mobile phones, a trend that is increasing every year. With mobile to dominate, we recommend targetting mobile users.

So how do you target mobile users?

Having a better mobile design

When you’re designing any marketing material, make sure you understand how people read on a mobile device.

Creating a mobile-friendly site

Make sure your website is mobile responsive and pay attention to user flow. Ensure that your mobile visitors can access the right information in the sequence that aids with conversions.

Producing mobile-friendly content

Ensure that all your text, videos, visuals, banners, and other forms of content are viewed and read easily on a smartphone.

Back to you

It’s not easy to sell to new customers.

However, following these tips will allow you to increase your conversions.

Adding any of these website elements could do wonders for your credibility with your customers. Whether it is leveraging customer testimonials, or creating a mobile-friendly experience, each tip will help you build credibility, legitimacy, and trust from your audience.

If you’re already producing content, we recommend optimizing it so you can see an improvement in your conversions today.