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3CX Live Chat Review: Plugin That Promises to Your Customers 24/7 Support

3CX Live Chat Review: Plugin That Promises to Your Customers 24/7 Support

Adnan Babajic

November 11, 2021 (modified on November 10, 2021)


Sometimes, we underrate customer support as a part of the business. It’s an integral part of the success of any business.

The ability for visitors to immediately start a chat with a support agent who can answer any questions can be crucial. They can play a significant role in converting that visitor into an actual customer.

If a visitor doesn’t find the information he needs quickly, he may start looking elsewhere. Live chats enable visitors to quickly get all of the data they need to decide and buy your product.

Customers’ customer service experience is dramatically improved by using live chat, which also speeds up the process. Customers no longer have to fill out time-consuming tickets or emails and instead can speak with a live representative in only a few seconds. With a few agents available, customer support can be accessible 24/7, which is a HUGE bonus.

You may think that only huge companies can afford to have a live chat. It is costly to get software specially tailored to your needs and have an army of customer care people, each with their pricey equipment to utilize. It becomes more economical if you use the correct tools that have all of the necessary capabilities for hosting a live chat.

In this article, we’ll talk about 3CX Live Chat.

What Is 3CX Live Chat?

3CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat is a WordPress live chat solution that offers you many features and flexibility. You can set up a fully functional live chat on your website without having to hire expensive developers to do it for you. You can set up this tool by yourself, and I’ll explain how later on.

3CX Live Chat is completely free for your first year of use. Yes, you have read that correctly, free of charge, for any number of users. No strings attached here.

You can have it for free, host it on 3CX servers and take care of issues, and it’s super easy to set up. Wow.

What Makes 3CX Live Chat So Special?

Chat and video call

As previously stated, setting up a live chat function can be difficult, but this tool makes it incredibly simple. You can also access all of your live chats from one place, even from your phone.

The thing that sets 3CX Live Chat apart from its competition is the voice or video call integration. Real-time messaging can turn into a voice or video call in one click. You can, of course, merely enable messaging access.

Some issues, however, cannot be effectively described through messaging. Therefore making a phone call improves the experience. Because both you and the visitor make phonecall through the browser, there is no expense to either of you. It’s pretty cool.

3CX Live Chat Features

When you purchase these tools, the main things you get are access to the live chat function and voice and video calls. But how do you access them?

Visitors can access 3CX Live Chat with either their web client, desktop app, or mobile app. All of your chats are accessible from any of those. However, this includes conversations from your website and your Facebook page or your business SMS.

Possible integrations

Also, you can store records from previous interactions with customers. So, your agents can access all of the data needed to help the customer.

This plugin also allows you to set up departments for your team, enabling the customer to contact the right person easier. The chats are easily transferred between agents too.

Chat button

The plugin appears on your website mainly as a small chat button to click, but you can also fully customize it to your liking. A custom message appears on top of the button or after someone opens it. The personalized messages are fully configurable and can change depending on the time of day.

Also, you can fully customize the look of the plugin to fit your website perfectly. You can keep it minimalistic or even insert your company logo, pictures, etc.

Besides the chatting features, you can also keep track of agents’ performance, and users can rate their experience with them. With this, you’ll know which agent is doing a good job and which isn’t. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can ban visitors by their IP address from accessing the live chat. Also, this can be very useful.

3CX Live Chat can be hosted on your private hosting, a cloud server, or directly by 3CX. With 3CX hosting your live chats, they’ll also monitor your system 24/7 for daily issues and backup everything for you. You don’t have to worry about anything.

3CX Live Chat Deployment

Here we’ll briefly explain how you can set up 3CX Live Chat on a hosted server for free.

  • The complete list of requirements for having 3CX host your live chat can be found here. But in general, you must utilize a supported, register-based SIP trunk, and you must connect your IP phones to the 3CX SBC.
  • The first thing you have to do is create a 3CX customer account, fill out all the needed info, and install it. If you already have a 3CX customer account that you want to migrate to a hosted instance, you can go to your “Subscription” tab and click “Reinstall.”
  • Further, you will have to select a 3CX supported VoIP provider.
  • Lastly, you can install the free 3CX apps or stay on the web client.

With that, your live chat host is ready to use.

3CX Live Chat is available on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix. For WordPress, you’ll only have to install a plugin. The others will have you add an HTML-generated code to your website. Both ways will have you open a configuration wizard where you’ll finish setting up everything. After that, the only thing left is to customize everything to your likings.


For more info about the installation process, check the official docs.

3CX Live Chat Pricings

3CX Live Chat offers three price ranges: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. All of those are free for the first year of use. After the first year, the prices go up depending on how many users you need. The standard version, however, stays free for up to 12 users.

The tool is feature-rich, even with the Standard version. The more expensive versions have more integration features, and the standard version doesn’t offer voice or video call options. The Standard version also misses out on call recordings, chat reporting, and CRM integrations. Besides all of that, the standard version is a great pickup for a smaller business.

The Enterprise is better than the Pro version only if you run a huge business. If not, the Pro version is way more than enough.

It all depends on your needs and what works best for your business. You can start your first year off with the Enterprise version and then decide which one fits your needs the best. However, given how much of an impact a positive customer service experience can have on traffic, it’s worth investing in a more expensive version as well.

How Can 3CX Live Chat Help Your Business?

As discussed at the beginning of this article, customer support plays a huge part in turning random visitors into regular customers. You can use the real-time chatting features to give visitors more info on the products and services you offer. But even if the visitors don’t use the chat. Knowing that they can reach the company agents in a matter of seconds can assure them about buying the product or your services. Especially if you offer 24/7 support.

Another thing that may go overlooked when thinking about customer support is contacting customers via voice or video calls. Sometimes, it is not possible to explain everything through text. It just takes too much time to get on the same page sometimes. With being able to talk about the problem in a call, you will solve the problem much quicker.

Video call

Many websites where you can present your business also offer real-time chatting, but with 3CX Live Chat, you can have all of those chats in one place.

Furthermore, real-time chatting vastly improves the customer support experience. It’s a waste to pass it up, especially since it’s free to use. Why not just try it and see what happens? You indeed don’t have anything to lose. After a while, you won’t be able to imagine your website without it.


We always like to say that finding the right tools make the business just so much easier. Also, this is probably one of those tools for everyone with a website.

Having free access to a real-time chat with visitors can be such a game-changer.

Customer service is sometimes undervalued as a business function, but it should not be. This tool vastly improves the user experience. Try it out for yourself and see what you think.