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Free The Best AI Plugins for WordPress

The Best AI Plugins for WordPress

Plugin Author:

Adnan Mujic

June 21, 2024


WordPress has been the top dog in the website development sector for years. The content management system (CMS) is easy to use and allows users to publish websites quickly—even those with no prior coding knowledge.

With the advancement of AI and its integration into almost every aspect of our lives, it is no surprise that it has also found its way into the CMS. Numerous plugins are now available that help optimise websites and, in some instances, can even help generate new content for viewers to enjoy.

While plenty of plugins may be available, not all are worth installing on your website. To narrow down the ones you should be interested in, we’ve compiled a list of the best AI plugins currently available for WordPress.


Divi AI

Divi is a respected name among WordPress users. Since 2013, it has supported numerous themes and a namesake plugin. Divi AI is the next evolution of the plugin and can help site owners refine their websites in various intuitive ways.

The plugin can help generate or refine everything from your blog headlines to writing full blog posts. Going one step further, the AI can scan and refine your existing posts, correct grammatical errors, translate them into other languages, and even change the writing tone in the posts.

On the creative side, Divi AI can help generate stunning images using 12 styles. This eliminates the work of searching for relevant images for your post and allows you to focus on creating new content and less time trying to make your site look as refined as possible.


One of the most daunting tasks for new WordPress users is creating a new website from scratch. Despite the CMS’s easy-to-use nature, it still has a learning curve that must be mastered to create visually stunning and engaging websites.

ZipWP takes care of this and can be used by beginners and those with a wealth of experience creating new sites. The AI allows you to develop a lengthy overview of your business, including crucial aspects you want your website to focus on.

Using this information, ZipWP can build your entire website for you. Sites built using AI are visually attractive and have elegant responsiveness by default. This makes them perfect for sites commonly visited on mobile devices, such as online stores or iGaming sites that let you try games exclusive to some new mobile casinos.

NitroPack Navigation AI

Regardless of your connection speed, waiting for a website to load can be frustrating if you need to view the content quickly. Navigation AI, released by NitroPack, helps optimise page loading and leads to almost instant page loads on your website.

Navigation AI uses advanced analytics to predict site visitor behaviour and map out a schematic of where they will likely go next. In doing so, these pages can be pre-loaded and eliminate annoying loading times when visitors click on a link.

The best part is that the AI learns each time a visitor appears. This leads to an insightful map of where visitors are going more often. And in the case where a visitor deviates from the pre-planned map, real-time changes are made to its algorithm to ensure that loading times are never excessive.

Rank Math SEO

An incredible website isn’t worthwhile if it can’t easily be found through searches. Rank Math SEO aims to eliminate this problem by boosting your site’s SEO to ensure it is visible whenever somebody searches for content similar to what you provide.

Using advanced AI, which Rank Math states is better than ChatGPT, the AI optimises keywords and content to ensure high SEO rankings. It also has an intelligent internal linking function that helps streamline navigation on your site and helps visitors find relevant content and information more easily.

The plugin features automatic integration into the Google Search Console and an AI content assistant to help you generate content people are searching for. This should bump you up in the search results and get you the exposure your site deserves.


Regardless of the sector your website operates in, decent customer support and a way for visitors to contact you create a more enjoyable experience. Tidio helps you achieve this by using intuitive AI to handle customer queries.

From an integrated live chat powered by AI to helping manage your email ticketing system, Tidio can relieve the pressure of personally replying to each message. It can also create automated workflows to perform simpler tasks for you in the background.

Using a conversational chatbot called LYRO, Tidio uses machine learning and natural language processing to ensure conversations are lifelike and can adapt to human language. It boasts an AI reply assistant powered by ChatGPT-3.5 to ensure replies are quick and relevant to visitor queries.


GetGenie is a powerful AI plugin with two main functions: assisting in content creation and ensuring the content is SEO-friendly. It does this through a user-friendly interface that gives you access to more than 37 types of writing templates.

After giving it information about what you want, the AI can create extensive blog posts or content for you using the power of ChatGPT, DaVinci, and NLP algorithms. This extends beyond creating blog post content and can be leveraged to streamline product descriptions and titles.

Aside from the one-click blog creation tool, one of the best features is GetGenie’s extensive language support. The plugin boasts compatibility with more than 33 languages and can help create content that will be understandable almost anywhere in the world.

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With AI continuing to progress at an incredible rate, the plugins above are some of the best ways to leverage the technology to enhance your WordPress website. Each has continuous updates and upgrades that increasingly benefit your site over time.

Some other notable plugins also include AIOSEO (for increasing site traffic), SEOPress (for generating custom XML sitemaps), WPBot AI ChatBot (which supports live chat in any language), and Akismet Anti-Spam (which uses AI to filter and delete any offensive or spam comments or posts).