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Tidy Repo

The best & most reliable WordPress plugins


Optimize Database

Sweep your WordPress install for superficial data stored in your database and make your site run faster and customizable. Tweak the optimization settings, and exclude any tables from being touched by the plugin at all if it stores sensitive data.

Admin, Developer


Google Maps Widget

Add a Google Map to WordPress using this widget. Maps are added as a linkable thumbnail which opens a map in a mobile-friendly Lightbox, so it is perfectly lightweight and customizable.

Lightbox, Page, Premium, Widgets

Paid Plugin


Provides security for your WordPress site, scanning your install for vulnerabilities and fixing them automatically. It also backups your site several times a day, so that you can restore it with a click of a button.

Premium, Security


User Switching

Adds new functionality in your admin panel so that you can switch between users and edit posts or profiles, then easily switch back at any time. Also allows you to Switch Off admin so that you can view site as a logged out user.



MailPoet Newsletters

Use a drag and drop interface to create and edit newsletters, either automatically recurring or one at a time. Pull in content from your WordPress install and customize the look and feel of your newsletter. Mobile friendly.

Media, Page, Premium


Ninja Forms

Create forms with a drag and drop interface, and then add them to your WordPress site with a shortcode or template tag. Several different field types are available, all completely customizable, with add-ons for extra functionality.

Page, Premium


Post Status Menu Items

Add new menu items for each post status, with the number of posts in each, to your admin panel. Works with custom post types and custom post statuses, and fully customizable.



WP Super Cache

Cache pages using mod_rewrite or PHP automatically. There are lots of ways to customize the plugin, but the main appeal of this plugin is that static pages are created on the fly without having to set too much up.



Post Snippets

Add snippets of code or custom shortcodes by adding code samples in your admin panel. A basic templating language allows you to specify where variables should be inserted into code, and adds a button to TinyMCE to add snippets to posts.



Testimonials Widget

Add Testimonials to your site using a custom post type with specific custom fields. Testimonials can be added to WordPress using a shortcode, a built-in widget or template tags.

Page, Premium



If you are developing a WordPress theme, you need to make sure that your theme is compliant with the Theme Review Guidelines. This plugin automatically checks to make sure your theme is up to spec. in your admin panel.

Developer, Theme


Comments Not Replied To

Keep track of which comments have been replied to right from your admin panel. A new row will appear in your comments admin section that indicates whether or not it has been replied to, or it is from the post author.

Admin, Comments