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Tidy Repo

The best & most reliable WordPress plugins

Free Photonic Gallery & Lightbox

Photonic Gallery and Lightbox Plugin

What do you think about the standard WordPress gallery? If you've been thinking about upgrading it with additional features, check out how this free plugin can help you.


Free Sponsors Carousel

Sponsors Carousel

This is a very simple yet effective plugin developed to give the most without burdening the admin with a lot of work or the website with many banners and maintenance issues.


Freemium SlideDeck


This simple WordPress slider helps you showcase your images, videos, and posts using beautiful, responsive sliders that you can create without code.


Free The Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin

If you want to engage your audience in a different way, install the Quiz Cat and effortlessly create quizzes for your website.


Free Visual Icon Fonts

Visual Icon Fonts

Open your visual editor in WordPress, select from a variety of icon fonts and start using them in your blog posts. No coding knowledge required - simply click on the icon you want and it will appear on the spot you selected!



Icons Factory

This free design editor allows you to create, stylize, and animate icons, stickers, post images and other scalable graphics. Once happy with the visuals, you can use them anywhere on your WordPress blog and beyond.


Free WordPress Charts

WordPress Charts

Adding graphs and charts to your website has never been easier with WordPress Charts plugin. Currently, you can pick from line, bar, pie, radar, polar area and doughnut types and easily insert them into your posts & pages.


Free Easy Slideshow

Easy Slideshow

This easy-to-use, responsive, swipeable, and lightweight plugin lets you insert galleries as slideshows to your post/pages. You can use it as a thumbnail photo image rotator or add the background photo slideshow capability.


Paid Plugin MapSVG WordPress


MapSVG is one of the best mapping solutions for creating interactive SVG vector maps, Google maps, and image maps. You can use it with WordPress or any other type of website you want.

Media, Navigation


Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Easily and losslessly optimize your WordPress images automatically. Everything works in the background, so there's very little set up.

Media, Performance, Premium

Paid Plugin

Soliloquy: Responsive Slider

A responsive slider built for speed and flexibility. Create your sliders in the back-end, customize to your heart's content, and then embed them anywhere on your site.

Media, Page, Premium


Require Featured Image: Make Sure Every Post Has a Featured Image

Makes it easy to require all authors to attach a featured image to posts before they can publish it, for posts, pages and custom post types.

Admin, Editing, Media