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Rename wp-login.php

Plugin Author: avryl

Jay Hoffmann

April 23, 2014

Admin, Security

There are two reasons to change the URL of your login screen (which by default is or The first is to have a little more control over your site, and maybe even make it a bit easier to remember. The second is to protect against brute force security attacks, which often blanket target “wp-login.php” extensions for URLs. Rename wp-login.php takes care of that for you with the flip of the switch.

What’s It Do?

Rename wp-login.php allows you to change the URL of your WordPress admin login page from “” to whatever extension you want. By default it will be changed to, but you can make it if you so please. After the name is changed, the wp-login.php page will return with a 404 “Not Found” page, and /wp-admin/ will return with a small message informing users that they must be logged in to access the administrator area. That means that the only way to access the login page is with the custom URL you set up.

How’s It Work?

When you install and activate the plugin, you will be automatically redirected to Settings -> Permalinks so you can set-up the location of your new page. You will see “” with a small text box next to it.

Rename WP Login settings

Just enter what you want the new URL of your login page to be

Enter in the name you want to use for your login page in this box. So, for instance, if you insert “my-login-page” into the text box, then the way you will have to access your login page from then on will by visiting:

So make sure you save the name of this URL somewhere. Especially since both wp-login.php and /wp-admin/ will be disabled when the plugin is activated. However, the plugin doesn’t make any changes to your database, so if you deactivate the plugin, everything will go back to normal.

Costs, Caveats, Etc.

Even for a fairly new plugin, Rename wp-login.php has gone through a good amount of updates to clean up the codebase and make it more efficient. The code for the plugin is hosted on GitHub if you are looking to contribute. And if you’re having any problems with the plugin, you can visit the support forums to get help from the plugin developers.


Download Rename wp-login.php Now!

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  • AndB

    I activated this plugin today and entered the settings page but did not save any changes or so I thought. Now I cannot log in – get the 404 error I would expect if the plugin was actioned. Do I have to delete the site and start again or is there a way to find out how to log in to the site.

    It is a vanilla site for trying out plugins etc as I am a newbie to WP, so it is not a great disaster but I would like to know what happened.

    • Jay Hoffmann

      You may have saved the login page to an unknown location. If you have access to the site files (via FTP if it’s on a server), you can go into “wp-content/plugins” and delete the Rename Wp-Login folder. This will uninstall the plugin and should restore your site back to normal.

      • AndB

        Thank you. That is what I was going to do. Just wanted to know if there was anything else to do as well. Much appreciated.

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