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MaxGalleria Lite

Create galleries in WordPress with lightbox functionality, custom templates, styling, captions and more. Organize galleries into groups then output them with a shortcode.

Max Foundry



Google Author Link

Adds the appropriate metadata to your WordPress posts and pages so that authors can connect Google+ profiles to posts for better SEO. Supports multiple authors.


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Toolbar Quick View

Add a link on your admin bar which gives you a list to "All ..." listings, for posts, pages media and any custom post types you have installed.

Brian Krogsgard


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Better Text Widget

Automatically add a unique CSS class name to every text widget in your site. The class name is derived from the title of the widget for customizing styles.

Aaron D. Campbell




A new approach to adding toggles to your site, using a custom post type to store all of the content, and then a button or shortcode to output it on your site as a tab, toggle button, or accordion.

Justin Tadlock

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Restricted Site Access

Access settings in the WordPress admin and add a single or a range of IP addresses, and chose what page to send users to if they are blocked from view.

Jake Goldman

Developer  Security  


Sugar Events Calendar Lite

Set up events in a custom post type, with details such as time, date and details of event. Then, use a shortcode to add an AJAX-enabled, simplistic calendar to posts or pages.


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Advanced WP Columns

Create responsive columns in WordPress posts and pages using a GUI in the WYSIWYG editor with some very simple markup. Settings to customize output.

Vladica Savic



Query Monitor

Get a running list of MySQL queries on each page using a link in your admin bar. Groups queries together by different parameters and troubleshoot performance issues and errors.

John Blackbourn

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Get a list of any updates made on your WordPress sites, including login attempts, new posts and pages, plugin activity and more. Filter activity based on action type.




Add IDs to Header Tags

Every header in WordPress posts will have a unique ID tag added to it, so that it can be easily linked to using a hashtag URL format. There will also be inline links for easy bookmarking.

George Stephanis